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  1. Help With Install of Dawson Rear Fiber Optic Sight on PPQ M2

    Hey there, I am going to install a Dawson Rear Charger FO on my PPQ M2 5". I will picking up the PPQ and the sights tomorrow so I don't have either in front of me and just wanted to know what happens to the plunger on the rear of the slide that holds the factory rear sight. I know the DP sight...
  2. Suppressor height sights, finally?

    I have a Walther PPQ M2 Navy SD and am waiting for ATF to approve my AAC Ti-RANT suppressor. I could not find any sights that are high enough to see over the can, so I am having Dawson Precision make me custom height sights. They are charging me $10 over regular price per sight and about 4...
  3. Comprehensive sight manufacture list

    Sorry if this thread is started elsewhere in the past. Thought I would offer a list of the aftermarket sights I have been able to locate. Please add any that I have forgotten or omitted. 10-8 Performance- front sight (tritium, brass bead), rear sight Sights - 10-8 Performance Store Trijicon-...
  4. Amazing sights designed specifically for the PPQ

    Hi all, I normally don't post on forums, however I got custom sights made by Dawson Precision (www.dawsonprecision.com Home Page) which makes competition and tactical sights. The people at Dawson have amazing customer service, they agreed to make these sights for me and waive the custom...