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  1. PK380 fail to fire/fail to feed

    I've recently been having issues with fail to feed and fail to fire. Additionally I have found when I seat a fully loaded mag, the slide goes forward automatically. I’m not ramming the mag in there I’m simply trying to insert a magazine and the slide goes forward without manually pulling back...
  2. Reoccuring questions to Walther

    FAQ: Walther General Discussion
    Hey Guys, I keep getting a ton of the same questions, so I thought I would post these to give you an update and share some information: - We sell through distributors who then allocate to their customers - the dealers. Therefore, I know our products are hard to find, but there is no way of...
  3. PPS Extractor Falling Out and Walther Customer Service

    So this is more of a rant more than anything, but way back in the middle of March I was going to unload my PPS before going into the gun show. The gun has about 500 rounds through it and it's the .40. I went to draw the gun out of the holster and pieces of the gun scattered on the ground, and by...
  4. USA Customer Service

    I checked my manual on my new P99 Walther 9mm. Cleaning instructions said what not to use, ammonia based cleaners and alkaline cleaners. But it doesn't recommend what you should use or suitable materials. So I called Customer Service US as my email to them was ignored. They answered my inquiry...