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crimson trace

  1. Walther PPS M2 with Crimson Trace

    I own a PPS M2 and I am looking to add a Crimson Trace LG-482G GREEN LASERGUARD® My question is to anyone who already has this configuration, can you use the same holster that you already own? It seems that it may not change the profile, but I needed an answer from someone who knows for sure...
  2. Help finding lasergrips for PPK/S

    PP and TP Series
    Hello! First post here...I just received my father's PPK/S 380 ACP that he carried as his backup for 16 years for the CHP. I am looking to buy the Crimson Trace LG-480 lasergrips but cannot find it anywhere. Does anybody know where I could find this model or a similar model? Thanks!!
  3. WTS PPQ Paddle Mag Release Handgun

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Selling for $1000 with Crimson Trace green laser included. Shipping via UPS only. Payment through discreet PayPal. FFL info needed and will be checked. New price set at $875. Make an offer by posting here. I will PM the best offer I can get from or for inquiries, email me at...
  4. Laser Sight

    Has anyone tried the Crimson Trace CMR 201 on the PPQ?