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  1. 40s&w to 9mm?

    has anyone changed out the barrels from a 40 to a 9 on the PPQ?
  2. pk380 to p22 conversion

    i own a walther pk380 and i was wondering if i bought a new slide, barrel and clip for a p22 would it fit on the frame of my pk380. i know they are similar but not sure how so. just would like it for cheaper target practice
  3. Smith and Wesson PPK Conversion

    PP and TP Series
    Hello all, This is my first post and I am quite anxious to read the replies. As you may have guessed from my username I am hoping to find answers about a PPK 380 project I am attempting. I love the look, finish, history of the classic W.German ppk .380 but seeing as I do not have 1k+ to...
  4. P99 40->9 conversion barrel from EFK?

    I was googling around last night and came across this: EFK Walther P99 F/S 9mm Standard Conversion Barrel - Southwest Weapons It says it is a conversion barrel, yet from searching this forum I have found that you would need a barrel and slide to do a 40 -> 9 conversion. Has anybody ever heard...