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  1. PK380
    Hello i am a new owner of the Pk380 and would like to get a Laser/Light combo for it I would like to know if anyone who is familiar with the PK380 or with Laser/Light combos in general has recommendations on the best available Laser/Light I have no budget i would just like to get a good one with...
  2. P5
    Hi everyone, Here are some pics of my P5 Compact. It has seen a fair share of use, but it is extremely dependable, and I am able to shoot it really accurately. It has one of the smoothest triggers I shot, worthy of a target pistol. Stamped KC, I suppose this should be dated early 90s. Serial...
  3. Walther Rimfire & CO2 Pistols
    I'm new to airguns and I recently bought a cp99 compact. I followed all the directions it came with, loading the magazine and installing the co2 (with a drop of pellgunoil), but it won't shoot. The BBs just roll out of the barrel. It only sometimes makes a popping noise when I pull the trigger...
1-3 of 3 Results