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  1. First Gun; Cleaning tips?

    Hello - I'll be picking up my first firearm this weekend (yay for pk380!). Before I do that though, I was hoping someone could help point out what I should look for in terms of a cleaning kit. I've looked around, but there are so many options (and none were specific to the PK380 that I could...
  2. Cleaning threaded adapter

    I have a new PPQ M2 .22 and the end inside diameter of the threaded adapter is slightly larger than the barrel diameter and the thread "protector" hole is slightly smaller than the larger diameter. The residue collects in there quickly and is impossible to remove. I have tried a larger...
  3. Initial Cleaning

    I ordered a PPS M2 on Saturday. I’ve had a PPQ M2 for while and am looking forward to hopefully as much enjoyment from the PPS. I have seen a couple posts about the PPS M2 (not many) where people state they did a very thorough cleaning of sorts to remove the “film” or “gunk” that Walther coats...
  4. I'm sorry for repeat questions, I'm new...cleaning tips please?

    I've read and read on this great forum...I am hoping some of you fine folks could just gimme one or two quick answers before I go Christmas Crazy on amazon and waste my money. I watched the great youtube videos on this site to learn how to clean my very first pistol....followed it step by step...
  5. USA Customer Service

    I checked my manual on my new P99 Walther 9mm. Cleaning instructions said what not to use, ammonia based cleaners and alkaline cleaners. But it doesn't recommend what you should use or suitable materials. So I called Customer Service US as my email to them was ignored. They answered my inquiry...
  6. PPS returned from S&W service with grease on some parts. Leave it or clean out?

    Hi! First I'd like to thank you for the help getting my Walther PPS serviced. They replaced the slide stop with the newer version, removed burrs and did a couple other things all for free. Just like you all said they would. When I received my gun back from service there was grease on a few...
  7. Poll without a Poll: Cleaning Product used

    Testing out the polling feature, and wanted to see what cleaning product is typically used.
  8. Brass Kisses

    Note: I know I'll get a lot of "so what, use the gun and be happy" replies. I totally agree with you. I am super happy with my PPQ! I have what some have called "brass kisses" on the slide; right above the extractor. I understand these are normal. However, I also have a nearly perfect circle...
  9. Is there a video for cleaning the PPQ?

    First time gun buyer here. I just received my PPQ yesterday and the manual says to clean it before shooting it. Is there a video that shows how to clean it? I have seen videos for disassembling it but not for cleaning. The manual gives instructions but as a first time buyer I would prefer to be...