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  1. First Gun; Cleaning tips?

    Hello - I'll be picking up my first firearm this weekend (yay for pk380!). Before I do that though, I was hoping someone could help point out what I should look for in terms of a cleaning kit. I've looked around, but there are so many options (and none were specific to the PK380 that I could...
  2. Initial Cleaning

    I ordered a PPS M2 on Saturday. I’ve had a PPQ M2 for while and am looking forward to hopefully as much enjoyment from the PPS. I have seen a couple posts about the PPS M2 (not many) where people state they did a very thorough cleaning of sorts to remove the “film” or “gunk” that Walther coats...
  3. How do YOU take care of your vintage PPK?

    PP and TP Series
    Been keeping mine in an egg-foam plastic case inside of a gun sock, light Hoppes oil all over. For some reason, I just had sudden spots appear around the barrel end of the slide (also around the lettering) that do not rub off. Is that from shooting or am I doing something wrong in the storage...
  4. Wash with Dawn?

    Ok, this is my second post of all time and I've got my flame suit on so flame me if I deserve it. Here goes. I watched a YouTube of guy giving instructions on cleaning a P22. At one point he said to wash it, as in immersed and scrubbed, in a solution of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. Afterwards, blow...
  5. Model 9 disassembly recommendations

    The Classics
    I inherited a very nice Model 9 from my father in law. It's the model with blue and brass medallions on the grip -- CW on one side, 6.35 on the other. I wanted to thoroughly clean this piece and watched a video on how to do it. But the video was for the later model with an outside-accessible...