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  1. CCP
    I want to upgrade sights for my CCP M1. Do you know if M1 and M2 sight mounts are the same? Would DXT2 Standard Dot Night Sights - Walther from xssights.com fit on M1? Do you know if there are sights sellers in Europe (EU)?
  2. CCP
    I bought my wife a new 380 CCP M2+ a couple months back. I liked her gun so much that yesterday I purchased myself a new 9 mm CCP M2+. I was shocked by how much heavier than 9 mm version felt even though they are both an M2+. Before I purchased the 9 mm variant, I compared what was shown on the...
  3. CCP
    Hi, I just got a used CCP (not M2) and am having issues with the accuracy. We set it in a a vice with a laser dot mounted to the vice on a target at 5 yards. The first shot (we do three per adjustment) was high about 5" and right about 3". Usually, on the 2nd and 3rd shots, they're pretty close...
  4. Walther General Discussions
    Looking into getting a conceal carry gun and I am considering these: Walther PK380 Walther CCP M2 Walther PPS M2 I am new to handguns (not guns, I have had a couple of carbines for years) so all of this is new territory for me. But having just had a handgun for a month I can field strip it...
  5. CCP
    I recently bought a CCP 9mm. I have a badly mangled arm from an industrial accident, so I figured with the reduced recoil I would be able to handle it. I can empty 1-2 magazines, but I’m in pain for the rest of the day. I still carry it and can use it if the need arises, but can rarely take it...
  6. CCP
    Hi, I am curious about pressing rounds. I have struggled with failures to extract and a few other malfunctions at the range. I was talking to one of the instructors and he talked about pressing rounds to shorten the length for his CCW. I was just wondering if anybody has had any luck with...
  7. CCP
    Has anyone used a laser cartridge in their CCP for dryfire training? I noticed G-sight saying theirs may not work with the CCP. Wondering which ones out there will work.
  8. CCP
    Anyone know how to get rid of this discoloring above the serial on this CCP barrel?
  9. CCP
    Hello everyone, I want to install a quick draw laser on my new CCP and so far the only thing I’ve found in my internet search was Viridian lasers and the ones that have ECR won’t fit CCP. Any suggestions?
  10. CCP
    So I was cleaning my new CCP M2 for the first on Saturday and when I was disassembling it the Spring Assembly popped out and the cover went flying. I emailed Customer Service asking them how to get a replacement cover or assembly. In the event that I don’t hear back from Walther and I can’t find...
  11. CCP
    Hey, all! I've been reading these posts and following the CCP M1 issues since I've had my CCP. I have the Generation 1 issue. I did send it back for its warranty repair as soon as I got the notice of warranty. Now, this was my first ever pistol. I attributed some of its issues as "Operator...
  12. CCP
    I just received a new CCP M.2 9mm the other day and took it to the range to break it in. After about 20 or so rounds of "9mm Luger 115 Grain FMJ Target Range - Winchester - USA9W," the gun started jamming. Specifically, the slide would not return to battery, and instead would stop about 1/4 of...
  13. CCP
    I just bought a new CCP and put 100 rounds through it. It shot beautifully and I love it. BUT when I got finished shooting I noticed something that seemed to bug me. When I cocked the gun back (no magazine in) and then cocked it back a second time, it seems something is catching the slide...
  14. CCP
    I have owned my CCP for about 6 months now. It is the first striker fired handgun I have owned. I have read about a long reset and spongy trigger, it feels just great to me. The gun is accurate, pleasant to shoot, recovers quick, is reliable with everything I have put through it, and I love the...
  15. CCP
    Did they quit making this or something? I no longer seem to see the CCP or the PPX in any stores anymore. I wanted to try out a ccp (I know they have some issues.)Anyway I've been out of the game for a while and so I'm just wondering why nobody carries these guns any more. Thanks
  16. CCP
    New walther CCP my daughter in law bought. Around 300 rounds thru it and still issues with failure to feed. Thinking it might be her limp wristing, I fired it and had the same number of failures. Closer inspection noted that the round was hitting the exposed firing pin and stopping it from...
  17. CCP
    Hello all! I am a new member, and purchased my CCP in November 2015. I am asking for suggestions on how to proceed (with some sporadic venting). In January 2016, my slide got jammed, with no possibility of it releasing without sending it back to Walther for repair. As the title of this thread...
  18. CCP
    My son experienced several malfunctions today with his CCP with the weapon having less than 200 rounds fired through it. A shell casing partially ejected and the magazine dropped out of the weapon. I took the weapon and cleared the partially ejected casing. I then observed the lever for the...
  19. CCP
    I realize the PPS M2 is likely debuting at SHOT Show 2016 which will effectively serve as the PPQ M2 Subcompact (single stack) but is there any chance Walther will come out with a quality PPQ Compact since they completely screwed up their attempt to do so with the CCP?
  20. CCP
    Just picked up a CCP as my first and only pistol....for now. Shame me if you will but I am guessing the serial is the number located on the frame and the barrel? Starting with 2 characters followed by six numbers. Also I've struggled to find extended mags and a good light. The viridian c5l...
1-20 of 27 Results