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  1. PPS lockable?

    Greetings! I am probably getting new PPS as my first exercise of my rights, and wanted to know if the factory case tha I com n is lockable (and if so what type and size lock would ft. This is merely to be in compliance with Maryland law requiring a gun to be in a locked case when...
  2. Steel-cased ammo in a P1/P38 (1960 P38)

    The Classics
    i wanted to get some cheap target ammo for my walther p38 the guns in good condition, i got a cheap box of 1000 Rounds of Bulk 9mm Ammo by Tula - 115gr FMJ this stuff except it was a box of 100, not that that matters but yeah. i read that walther p38s can not take too well to steel cased ammo...