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  1. P99
    I am on the hunt to learn more about the possibility of putting a flat trigger on the Walther P99. I have a PPQ Q4 Tac which i enjoy greatly, and specifically the flat APEX trigger, which I put on this PPQ. While I realize an APEX trigger will not fit the P99, has anyone on the forum tried to...
  2. Free Range Time
    Made in Turkey by a world famous ISO 9000 Certified Arms Manufacturer... The company makes all kinds of Go To War stuff... Helicopters, advanced avionics, etc... This 3rd iteration goes back to the original DA/SA configuration, keeps all the improvements of the 2nd SA only iteration, & then...
  3. PPQ
    First time to the range with the PPQ that I bought on Saturday. I had one other gun with me as well, the Canik TP9 that had not been to the range yet. The Canik might be a good gun, but I did not like how it fit in my hand...just a bit too big. I don't know if it is a licensed clone of the P99...
1-3 of 3 Results