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  1. P22
    Hi. I'm new to the forum & am hoping that someone here may be able to help me locate a replacement slide for my p22? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -
  2. Want To Buy
    Hi I'm looking for a Walther P99AS 9mm with the longer mag release, I live in California. This gun is perfectly legal and on the roster of approved handguns in California so you don't have to worry about any modification to make it compliant. New or lightly used, please send me the price and...
  3. PPS
    I have been looking for a spare backstrap for my PPS but have had no luck finding any. I tried the FAQ but had no luck. Thanks for any help! Tony
  4. Want To Buy
    Hello I'm new to the forum and handguns in general. I am looking to buy a PPQ 9mm for my first gun purchase. I decided on the Walther PPQ after reading a bunch of reviews. They seem to be going for somewhere around $519-$549 online. I was wondering if anyone on here could direct me to the...
1-4 of 4 Results