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  1. Walther General Discussions
    I'm looking for a brass colored threaded barrel for my PPQ M2 9mm. I've seen one somewhere before but can't find it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Want To Buy
    I am looking to purchase a Walther branded PPQ/P99 threaded barrel kit in 9mm. Thanks for looking! -Jonathan
  3. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Ordered this online before I got my p22q, thinking it would work. Got it from SWFA, and it only fits first gen p22's. Ended up having to get a new one which has a shorter neck to thread on to barrel on the p22q. The older p22's need a longer neck. I have it boxed, 15 bucks shipped lower 48. I...
  4. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Purchased new directly from Walther and never used. PPQ M2 5" Barrel Private Sale and payment via PayPal invoice. PM if interested $175 + 2.77 Shipping via USPS with tracking.
  5. P22
    Hi all, Just a question, I'm very interested in picking up a P22 but would like versatility in whether I am carrying it or just shooting at the range. I can't seem to find much info in regards to whether I can buy the 3.4 inch barrel model and then purchase the parts to make it into the 5...
  6. Want To Buy
    Hi from Texas :)... I am looking for a barrel for my post war p38... the caliber is 7.65... any advise? thanks...
  7. New Member Introductions
    I got very interested in the PPQ over the winter. I am selling my M&P to buy a PPQ 9mm. Does Walther sell just a 9mm threaded barrel ? I am still debating the M1 or M2 mag release.
  8. PPQ
    Im new to the walther family, this handgun is the first walther ive owned. Now I have a couple questions of what to buy for optimization and where I can/should get these things Compensator, good brands and where to get one? After-market guide rod to replace plastic one? Good paddle holster...
  9. P99
    I'm not sure and probably doubt it since the P99 is already hard to get a hold of but do you guys know if you can buy a 9mm barrel and mags and swap out with the .40S&W P99 platform to have a 2-in-1 deal? I use to own a P99AS chamber in .40S&W and traded it over 2 years ago and hated my self for...
  10. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    *SOLD* I have a Jarvis threaded barrel for a Walther PPQ 9mm. Sold the PPQ awhile back, but the guy wasn't sure if he also wanted the barrel or not, so I held it. Turns out he doesn't have any plans on getting a suppressor, so now I'm just selling the barrel. This is to be used with anything...
  11. P22
    I've been having quite a few issues with feeding ammunition and jamming when it comes to my P22. I've been playing around the internet and have come across something called a pressure booster. In essence, it doesn't allow the gas to escape as easily as it would with a 3.4 inch barrel. For...
  12. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    SOLD: Walther PPQ Factory Threaded Barrel 9mm, New Cond. Walther PPQ barrel factory threaded for silencer, with all proof stamps, etc. not an aftermarket. 9mm, 1/2-28, unused - never shot - single-digit serial number. $SOLD
  13. Want To Buy
    Hey all, New to this forum, but I've looked just about everywhere available to me and can't seem to find a place where I could get a 9mm PPQ threaded barrel in a reasonable amount of time (I've already waited on Jarvis for two months or so, and was told recently that it'll still be weeks). So...
  14. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Hi there thank you for checking out my listing i have a Walther p22 5" barrel kit for sell at 65.00 including shipping and or trade for the full 3.4 barrel kit i would prefer a trade. Reason being then i wouldn't have to still need to by a 3.4" barrel. But either way the kit includes the 5"...
  15. P22
    Hi there i have a walther p22 its the older style and what i want to figure out is weather or not i can inner change my barrel which is the 5" to the 3.42 or 3.4 i think it is either way its not the CA version i have already complete dismantled the firearm and reassembled it no issues i just...
  16. PK380
    i own a walther pk380 and i was wondering if i bought a new slide, barrel and clip for a p22 would it fit on the frame of my pk380. i know they are similar but not sure how so. just would like it for cheaper target practice
  17. Want To Buy
    Hey, all. New to the forum but long time Walther fan. I need a 9mm Barrel from a P99 OR SW99. Standard length would be fine, but I would also consider a threaded barrel if the price is right. If you happen to have one laying around or maybe have a P99 with a broken frame and willing to part...
  18. PPQ
    I'm specifically looking to sub the threaded 1st edition barrel w/ the regular stock one so I don't have it sticking out of the gun on a regular basis. I looked on Earls and got the part number, but have been unable to find any place that sells / lists prices for Walther parts. Is this an...
1-18 of 19 Results