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  1. Want To Buy
    I am looking for 1-3 backstraps (I'm not sure if they made these in all three sizes or not?) marked "Transponder" on the back. I know this atirred some controversy and Walther has since eliminated the marking. Someone kindly offered to trade, but I'd prefer to buy them outright.
  2. PPS
    I agonized for months leading up to my summer carry purchase. I was debating between the Shield, XDS, and the PPS and the latter finally won because a guy gave me a very fair price. I have two issues that I didn't notice when I initially inspected the gun. 1) The striker status indicator is...
  3. PPS
    I picked up an used PPS at the LGS today for $479. It was in good shape, but only came with one 7 rd mag. I immediately took it to the range, and put 50 rds through it. My only point of reference for Walther pistols is my PPQ 40 (classic). Definitely not as accurate as the PPQ, but I was...
  4. PPS
    I have been looking for a spare backstrap for my PPS but have had no luck finding any. I tried the FAQ but had no luck. Thanks for any help! Tony
  5. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Hi everyone. I recently bought a second PPS 40 used off GB. After getting a swinging deal on it I realized it didn't come with the large backstrap, only the small. Only the large one fits my hand. I'd be willing to trade a small backstrap for a large if anyone has one and prefers the small...
  6. FAQ: PPS
    I have found a critical flaw in the Walther PPS Manual that may be the root cause of many of the backstrap problems that users are experiencing. I have always had a difficult time reinstalling the backstrap on the PPS. However, the line in the Manual that reads: "The backstrap installs easily...
1-6 of 6 Results