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  1. P22
    I inherited a p22, about three weeks ago. It was built in 2007 and was never shot. The owner fell ill and was never able to shoot it. It was very wet, in the original package with all the sights, wrench and spring pilot, when i received it. It is a new 2007. Since then I have yet to find the...
  2. PPQ
    Hi, I recently bought a PPQ Q5 Match and I am a newbie with semi-automatic pistols, I used to shoot revolvers years ago. I rented one of these and shot it before purchasing one and I didn't have any issues with it. Thus far I have only been to the range once with mine. At the time the only...
  3. PPS
    When I bought my PK380 a few years ago, the forums spoke and the Hornady Critical Defense seemed to work best with that pistol. It is an expensive practice round but good for carry or home defense. I just picked up a PPS M2 LE. I am looking for a practice round that works well with this pistol...
  4. P22
    My husband just became a gun owner. We bought a P22Q and are now looking for accessories. We have found lots of holsters and mags for a P22 but nothing specifically for a P22Q. Will the Q fit into a P22 holster? My husband likes the looks of the plastic type hosters without a strap over the...
  5. FYI - Good Deals
    I managed to get there and pick up 500rds for $190-ish with tax. Q4369 is the same stuff as PDX1 and Ranger R40B, but with a brass case instead of nickel plated. No sealed primers or necks as far as I can tell. Here is a link for the 50rd boxes. 50 rounds 180 - grain .40 Smith & Wesson®...
  6. PPX
    Hi All, Just bought my PPX 9mm and was wondering what you are all using for ammo? Being a Walther I would think its pretty tolerant of cheaper ammo, but is the more expensive stuff worth it?
  7. PP and TP Series
    Hello All, New forum member here, and a new shooter. Hope each of you are well! So, I recently purchased a brand new PPK/S-1 380 ACP and have had some teething pains with it. I was hoping that by a bit of collective knowledge dispersal from you folks so I might be able to develop a good...
  8. PPX
    This is embarrassing, but here it goes; like a dummy I tried using 9mm Makarov in my PPX, (which fires 9mm Luger) and as a result jammed the weapon. The slide won't budge and I'm at a loss as to how to fix it. Please advise!
  9. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I am the 2nd owner of a recent model PPK/S. I have the original paperwork and BOS, case, manual, etc. The first owner was a cop and used it as a back up. It comes with a black leather Galco holster that is outside the waste band. The weapon is 2-tone with SS upper. There is some slight...
  10. PP and TP Series
    Hi everyone. I recently got an Interarms PPK in .380 caliber. I don't have a CCW yet, so I use it mostly for target shooting, but would also like to use it for home defense. Since I live in an apartment building (in a not terribly good part of town), I am looking for an ammo choice that will (1)...
  11. PPQ
    For years I've kept my pistol magazines filled to capacity -1 in an effort to prevent the spring from wearing out due to stress. Here's the question: Do you guys think it's doing any good? I've always assumed I was increasing reliability as well as extending the life of the magazines.
  12. PPQ
    Hey guys I'm new to this whole forum thing so please bear with me. I'm just wondering from your personal experiences with different types of defense ammo (HP) for the PPQ in 40 cal....what ammo did you deem reliable and/or unreliable? I just bought my PPQ.40 about a month ago and love it to...
  13. P22
    I've been having all kinds of issue with the P22 and finally found ammo that works reliably, it's Remington Golden Bullet high velocity, got it at Walmart. Unless it's really hot ammo, I've found it won't properly cycle the P22 when using a suppressor. It's also Hollywood quiet..
  14. PP and TP Series
    Hello everyone I have inherited a '62 Walther PPK from my grandfather (brought with him from Germany pre-1968 ban). It's marked as being made in Ulm, although I guess that means it was made by Manurhin. I've read through many threads, but not all, so I apologize if I ask some frequently asked...
  15. P22
    Can this gun handle them, has anybody ever tried them
  16. New Member Introductions
    I am buying a PPK/S and note that it has ACP with it and even though I know what that stands for, I do not know if I can buy ammo that is FMJ as well or must I buy something that is specific ACP?
1-16 of 17 Results