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  1. Aliengear Shapeshifter appendix P99 fit?

    Hi, all! First post here. Just got my first Walther, a like-new P99AS (circa 2014 model, 50 rounds through it) and am looking into holsters for it. I found the Alien Gear Shapeshifter and am interested in it, but according to their site, it's only for the PPQ. Now, having gotten real familiar...
  2. A Complete Guide to Ammunition - Alien Gear Holsters Blog

    Alien Gear Holsters
    This guide will give the beginner the basics of the various types of ammunition that are available in most gun stores, and what to look for. After all, if you are going to put a concealed carry gun in your holster and carry, you may as well have it loaded with the right ammo.. Continue reading...
  3. Alien Gear Holsters Guide to Retention Holsters

    Alien Gear Holsters
    The lay person may hear the term "retention holster" and wonder if some holsters don't have any retention at all. That can be a bit misleading, to be sure. The term "retention holster" is used colloquially to denote a holster that has a bit more retention than the average holster does. Holster...
  4. Happy Halloween!

    Alien Gear Holsters
  5. Love the CCP

    I have owned my CCP for about 6 months now. It is the first striker fired handgun I have owned. I have read about a long reset and spongy trigger, it feels just great to me. The gun is accurate, pleasant to shoot, recovers quick, is reliable with everything I have put through it, and I love the...
  6. The Most Epic Giveaway Ever!

    Alien Gear Holsters
    4 Epic Companies have joined forces to bring you the greatest pre-summer prize package…the MAD VP9 Giveaway! We’ve partnered with H&K, MAD Custom Coating, and Bigfoot Gun Belts to give one lucky winner the opportunity to take home the brand new H&K VP9 handgun, a MAD Custom Coating Alien...
  7. The Brand New OWB Cloak Mod Paddle Holster

    Alien Gear Holsters
    You read that right! Alien Gear Holsters has unleashed their Changeling Technology out into the world, with the all new Cloak Mod OWB Paddle Holster. Switch from paddle holster to belt slide holster and you are ready to carry anywhere. And, it's available now! https://youtu.be/c5k-N_5L1Kc
  8. Tuck Into This Year's Tax Return!

    Alien Gear Holsters
    Tuck into This Year's Tax Return with a Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster! Check this out! All our holsters are PROUDLY Made in the U.S.A. You get our Triple Clad Guarantee! What does that mean? 1. Forever Warranty. Yes, Forever. 2. Free Shell Swaps for Life. Yes, Life. 3. 30-Day Test Drive...
  9. Alien Gear Holsters Now Shipping Under Two Days Or Less

    Alien Gear Holsters
    We are pleased to announce that we have listened to our customers and have now shortened delivery time of our holsters to 2 days!!! Concealed Carry Holsters - Alien Gear Holsters - Gun Holsters