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  1. Free Range Time
    Firstly, this is definitely not my original idea, it's Melody Lauer's (Citizen's Defense Research, Ballistic Radio) from a few years ago. But, I don't see it circulated that often and I found it very worthwhile, so I thought I'd throw it out there. For the most part, the options for an appendix...
  2. PP and TP Series
    I'm looking for any recommendations on a good AIWB holster for my PPK/S. I've done some research and found a few but i'm curious of any and all opinions and experiences with good (or bad) holsters. Thanks!
  3. PP and TP Series
    Hey all, I'm looking to buy an AIWB holster for my PPKS. I recently ordered a cheap one from tactical measure and I was not impressed bt any means. I obviously should have spent a little more money. You get what you pay for, I know I know. I was researching some different brands and options...
  4. PPQ
    Just got mine in the mail today (16 days after I ordered it during Thanksgiving week. They promised no longer than 25 days when I ordered so I'm happy with their lead times!). I had previously decided that I wanted to purchase their full size IWB but when I went to their store front (not too...
1-4 of 4 Results