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  1. Accuracy expectation?

    PP and TP Series
    Took the Walther PP to the outdoor range today, warm, windless. Son shot it for first time, my second time. About 200 rounds through it in last 2 months. Sat idle for +40 yrs. I was pleased with accuracy when I first shot it. As we were running 25 each through it I wanted to try and see if...
  2. LP53

    Walther Air Guns
    I recently got an LP53, with box and cocking knob at a gun show for a reasonable, but not great, price. It's a great air pistol, but not as accurate as I had hoped. It gives a lot better groups on the rest than I can shoot, so I guess you'd say it's more accurate than I am! On the east I get...
  3. Troubling Walther Trends

    Walther General Discussions
    In my experience american made Walthers are woefully inferior. Years ago in the 1980s I bought a P5 that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn door at 25yds. I returned it twice with instructions to tighten it up as needed; it came back twice saying it was fine and kept shooting like a hand...
  4. Consistency issues with PPQ .40

    I have had my PPQ m2 .40 for about 2 months; I have shot it once a week at the local indoor range trying to become used to it and proficient with it (coming from a 1911). No matter what I do, I can't shoot this PPQ as well as I shoot my 1911, especially past 5yds. So far I have fired about...
  5. P99 accuracy issues???

    Hi everybody, I am new to this forum and a new P99 (.40) owner. I was really excited to get my first p99 last week (traded a rifle). I really like the look, feel, and safety features of the P99. However my first time out shooting was not a good experience. I shot very...

    I own Walther PPQ and very pleased with it accuracy. I am thinking of getting PPS and want to know your opinion on its accuracy.
  7. Accuracy Reference Chart w/ Group Size and MOA

    Fellow shooters, I was inspired to work up this chart by some of the excellent photos of used targets and the conversations which inevitably follow. You can use it to approximate how big your groupings would be at different distances, or to convert groupings at various distances to MOA...
  8. LaserLyte Training System

    Has anyone tried out/ have reviews for the LaserLyte training system? Pros and cons are welcome. Is it worth it, or just a waste of money? LaserLyte — Laser Trainer Systems I work mostly from home so this could be a fun (and productive) thing to do during those long conference calls.... Sam
  9. PK380 accuracy issues?

    Shot the pk380 today at the range as a rental (for my wife) and I was not very accurate at all with it! Not sure if it's because the barrel length is so much shorter than my PPQ (4 in.) and XDM (4.5 in.) which could cause me to be less accurate. I even pulled the target in within 6 ft just to...
  10. Sight options -BIG dot

    So I've been searching around for different sights for the 99 and although there aren't too many options out there I did find something interesting that I wanted to get some insight on. The reason I'm interested in replacing the sights is that although the 3 dot is pretty much the standard I...