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  1. PPS
    I have the PPS M2, and I wanna add some stuff to it. I got the extra 8rd mag for it, but thats about all I've really seen. I want to get a wallet pocket holster for it. For most people it aint gonna fit there but for me it does. I really like this gun and I wouldn't wanna have to trade it for a...
  2. Creed
    I got turned into the Walthers by a Pre owned PPS M2 that I saw as having the reliability of a Glock, but the ergonomics and looks of a Walther. Now that PPS I've put all sorts of crappy ammo through it and it pumps it all out flawlessly. So I considered a Walther in full size for my next...
  3. P99
    I got an Inforce APL gen 2 for Christmas but I can't get this little tactical light to mount up to my 2006 P99 QA. It has the picatinny rail, but the light will not seat squarely over the notch. Anyone had luck adding an Inforce APL gen 2 to their P99? Thanks and Happy shooting!
  4. Want To Buy
    Looking to buy G22 mags and accessories for my daughter's G22. Thanks.:)
1-4 of 4 Results