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  1. My new Walther PP Zella-Mehlis (Pre-WWII)

    FAQ: PP/TP
    Hi Y'all. New user, long time reader. So I recently acquired a Pre WWII Walther PP Zella-Mehlis (Thur) chambered in 7.65 mm (AKA .32 acp). I'm guessing it was manufactured sometime during 1938, Serial #:107XXX P). It had the standard Crown/N on the right side of the frame and right above it on...
  2. Scratching On Walther PP chamber hood

    PP and TP Series
    I am the owner of a wonderful Walther pp chambered for 32 acp and imported by interarms. I've had the gun for the last 5 years and haven't really shot it all that much. However, in the time that I've owned it I've noticed that there are scratches appearing on the chamber hood. Some of these are...
  3. WTB 1968 PPK in above average condition

    Want To Buy
    Hi, I'm looking to join the Walther family. Currently, I'm mostly a Browning guy but looking to broaden my horizons. I'm looking to find a 1968 PPK in 7.65 preferably all original and in above average condition. Box etc is nice to have, but not required. Thanks for looking and hopefully you...
  4. Mid-Century French Haut Rhin PPK--any additional help appreciated

    PP and TP Series
    Gun bought by my father in mid-50s I think. Recently came to me and excited about this iconic piece. Trying to get any additional details if able. I don't have the owner's manual or pamphlet that came with it. I've attached photos ( I think) hoping that the Member's here can provide any...
  5. 7.65 vs 32acp

    PP and TP Series
    I had always been under the impression that the 7.65 and 32 were identical. When I was having trouble feeding on initial load and then every 5th round or so I sent the Manhurin PP in for repair. I was using Remington, Fiochhi, and Winchester 32acp. The gunsmith ( a Walther Expert) tested the...
  6. PP info please

    PP and TP Series
    I've recently purchased 2 PP 7.65s. Both are "X" outs which I assume means they were police weapons. There doesn't appear to be an import mark. Any info would be appreciated. Value? Thanks.
  7. WTB: Post WWII Pre GCA PPK .32/7.65

    Want To Buy
    Hello to All, Brand new to the forum. I am looking to purchase (as the title says) a pre GCA ppk (Ulm/Do) in .32/7.65. She need not be a beauty as she will not be a safe queen. Please no rust or pitting. Not really concerned with all the accoutremonts either. Just a PPK who can be my companion...
  8. Need help Identify PPK quick!!!

    PP and TP Series
    Hello all! I recently came across a 1966 ppk 7.65 in immaculate condition. 66 and antler on the barrel. Says ulm/do on the slide and model PPK. However on the left side of the frame it does not have the "made in W. Germany" on it. Two thoughts here...one it has been reblued. But the lettering on...
  9. WTB: PPK 7.65 (32ACP)

    Want To Buy
    Hello everyone. Like the title says I am looking for a PPK in 7.65 (32ACP). Only interested in PPK and only in German, or W.German manufacture (Pre or Post War). Willing and happy to consider all conditions. Feel free to post or PM me. Thanks! 3PK Edit: Still looking. Will consider ANY...
  10. Original 1945 PP mags

    Want To Buy
    Looking for a original 1945 mag for my walther pp i have. looking hopeful for factory original, pistol didnt come with any mag. wanted to get correct to complete collection.
  11. Pre-War PPK Question

    PP and TP Series
    I recently acquired a pre-war Walther PPK in 7.65mm (.32 ACP). The serial number is 7609##. It has the C/N proof marks on the right side of the frame and slide, and at the business end of the barrel, but no other stampings or markings that I can find (slide is not etched inside and serial number...
  12. WTB: WWII era German made PPK 7,65

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    Hi guys, I'm a small collector of fine made functional German/Austrian firearms like the PPK. I've just started searching for a pristine WWII era PPK 7,65 for my safe. Preferences: 85-100% finish 90 degree safety preferred but not required Nazi proofs are preferred but by no means required...