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  1. PPQ M2 5 inch and Q5 - do they have the same FTB issues?

    I'm interested in getting a PPQ M2 5" or the Q5 Match. This would be my home defense and/or survival gun. I'm worried about the failure to battery issues I've been reading about/seeing on youtube, which mainly have to do with either steel cased or reman ammo. I want to be able to run all types...
  2. Problem with New PPQ

    Problem with PPQ Disconnector? Hi All, I'm new to the Walther forum, just got my first Walther recently, a 5" PPQ M2. It's new to me but I'm the second owner, since buying used from FTF transaction is the only way non LEO can get em in Ca. It is like new, has no wear or even powder residue...
  3. PPQ - So good, even an 11-year old girl can do it!

    I took my youngest daughter to the range today, and I wanted to show off her PPQ shooting skills. Even though she has been shooting various .22 rifles since she was 5-years old, this is the first time that I was able to interest her in shooting a larger caliber handgun. She has been asking about...
  4. Help & advise needed: Damaged P22 5in. Target Barrel

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here. Just bought my P22 and I love it. Mine came with the 3inch barrel and I also wanted the 5inch kit as an option to swap to now and again. Seeing as how most say they are not worth the extra $ to buy separate, I looked around and found a pre-owned NIB one for sale. I...