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  1. PPQ
    I love that Walther has added a .45 ACP PPQ, but I really want a paddle version of it. In this video: https://youtu.be/JFtoRFRBrMM He state's they are thinking about a doing paddle version, BUT they need to see the demand from the customers. Here's the link to contact them. Let them know you'd...
  2. Free Range Time
    Okay guys.....been reading the comments and just curious about the consensus..... I came from Kimber so I know a bit about .45s...but they are 1911. Give me your thoughts on the best, worst and needs of a .45 polymer pistol. Your favorite? What is the most, least you will spend? Thanks Mark
  3. Non Walther Items
    Practically new, less than 60 rounds down the pipe, Springfield XDm .45 3.8" barrel length for sale. This is the compact version of the XDm .45 Comes with all the goodies, holster, mag holster, mag extensions, backstraps, lock. One 9 round mag and one 13 round. Everything is standard, no...
1-3 of 4 Results