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  1. WTS: NIB P99 40 DAO (Texas) $550

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have a NIB Walther P99 40 DAO for sale for $550. This was a gift from my wife but I need to fund for a Barrett REC7. Everything that came with the box goes too! Buyer pays shipping and handling + FFL fees but I would prefer a FTF in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This is the hard to find DAO...
  2. WTS (VA): PPS Everyday Carry Package

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
  3. New P99 Going Back

    My new P99 .40 ejects 12-round magazines while shooting. At least once per magazine. I read all the forum threads suggesting it could be ammo or shooter related. I tried American Eagle 165gr and Blazer 180gr. Even different grips did not change the result. I called Walther and they suggested...
  4. WTS : 2 12 round P99 Magazines for .40

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    I have 2 used Walther P99 Magazines for sale. These are brand name Mec Gar mags from Italy, not pro mag knockoffs. 1 is marked Walther and has a blue follower, the other is marked S&W and has a red follower. They are for the 40 s&w P99 and hold 12 rounds. I believe these will fit in the PPQ as...
  5. Ricochet

    Free Range Time
    A few months ago I went to the range with my buddy. I brought my m&p and he brought his 357 mag. So we get to shootin and he used to worked for a glass comanpy and had some ballistic glass. So we set it up it had already had a few 357 slugs in it. So I shoot t with the 357 and watched as it...
  6. WTS: PPQ .40 $445

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    WTS: PPQ .40 $445 *Sold* Want to sell my PPQ .40. Less than 350 rounds, great condition ( a couple brass kisses on slide). This was my first .40 cal, I just want to stick with .45 cals. $445 with shipping to lower 48.
  7. FTF with Hornady Z-Max .40

    3rd range trip with my PPQ .40 (very happy with) and have been trying different ammo on each visit. Winchester WB 165g, Remington UMC 180g, Golden Saber 165g, Federal Premium 135g...all worked flawlessly.... and then today the Hornady Z-Max 165g. The Hornady would not feed! It kept failing...
  8. WTS/WTT Walther PPQ. 40 S&W

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
    TRADED! WTS/WTT Walther PPQ. 40 S&W 05/08/2012 - Traded I have a LNIB Walther PPQ in. 40 S&W for trade or for sale. The PPQ only has about 100 rounds through it and comes with all factory parts. I really enjoy the trigger and smoothness of the PPQ, but need something smaller for EDC. Would...
  9. .40 cal handload question

    Anyone with experience loading .40 for a P99 (or anything else) with unique powder? Alliant.com specs 8.0g for a 155g HP, Lee says 7.2 starting and a "never exceed" of 8.0g. All charges are being hand measured on a beam scale so they should be pretty spot on. Using CCI small pistol primers...