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  1. SS INterarms .32 PPK. Is It Worth It?

    PP and TP Series
    Located a SS Interarms PPK in 32 with box , and papers, light scratches on barrel (look like from normal use) and red on safety is gone. Asking price is $1250. What say you all, is it worth it? Too much , is it a steal, just about right? Still hunting for one of these bad maama jamas as a pre...

    Want To Buy
    Hey all, New to forum. Looking to buy Interarms SS PPK 32. All conditions / with or without box n papers etc considered. Post or feel free to PM. Thanks!
  3. New Crown/N PPK owner/background info on said gun

    FAQ: Walther General Discussion
    Hey everyone. New to the Walther forums. I've been surround by firearms for almost my entire existence, but sadly don't know enough about the PPK I have recently inherited. I know it is a PP/K, Crown/N and from what I have been able to figure out is a pre-War pistol with a serial number...
  4. PP info please

    PP and TP Series
    I've recently purchased 2 PP 7.65s. Both are "X" outs which I assume means they were police weapons. There doesn't appear to be an import mark. Any info would be appreciated. Value? Thanks.
  5. WTB: Post WWII Pre GCA PPK .32/7.65

    Want To Buy
    Hello to All, Brand new to the forum. I am looking to purchase (as the title says) a pre GCA ppk (Ulm/Do) in .32/7.65. She need not be a beauty as she will not be a safe queen. Please no rust or pitting. Not really concerned with all the accoutremonts either. Just a PPK who can be my companion...
  6. Walther PPK (need date and if safe to shoot)

    PP and TP Series
    I have in my possession an old Walther PPK from my great grandfather. My father and I are trying to figure out the date of this pistol. We have been told by 2 people that the .32 caliber rounds you can buy today are overgrained for the frame of our Walther. We are not quite sure what type of...
  7. WTS/FS GSP .32

    Trading Post / Parts Bin
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  8. Walther Forum Member SCAM!

    FAQ: Trading Post
    For those of you who have not seen it already I have an add posted in the "Want to Buy" section. A forum member under the name of 'jimemichael' claiming he had a ppk for sale. Not only did he send me to different emails with pictures of two different Walther PPK's but one email was addressed to...