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  1. PPK/S .22LR Interarms / W. Germany Markings

    PP and TP Series
    Hello all, Hopefully this message is in the correct forum. I have been trying to figure out the value of a Walther PPK/S chambered in .22LR with a standard blued barrel and frame that I would say is in very good condition. The grips are the black phenolic plastic type with undamaged...
  2. PPQ.22lr First Time Out

    I bought a PPQ.22lr as a starter handgun for the folks that go with me to the range and have never shot. It's a nice looking gun and definitely feels like my PPQ.45 in almost all aspects. However, I was cleaning it before I went out to the range and while I was using my nylon brush, I noticed...
  3. Buying a new P22 today! Advice, please

    Hi im puraching my first walther firearm today.. or atleast i would like to.. im looking to buy the walther p22 .22lr 5" because its a beautiful looking gun and i love to plink and i hear good things. My only issue it trying to find the best price. my dealer chargers i belive $65 usd and $15nix...
  4. .22 - P22 / PPQ

    So, when I search this site for the term 'P22' i get zero results(?). I think that is odd that there is not one single mention of that gun in these forums. I am looking to buy a .22. Pretty much everything I have read so far indicates that the PPQ is superior to the P22 in a lot of different...
  5. PPK 7 digit serial number (Million) in .22 cal

    PP and TP Series
    I'm putting this one out to the forum for those who collect/research old Walther PPK pistols. I purchased a Walther PPK in .22 caliber pre-war but it has a 7 digit serial number (Million number series). Does anyone know if this is common? How do I get a hold of James Rankin? According to his...
  6. question about rat shot, shot shells

    Can this gun handle them, has anybody ever tried them