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  1. Trading Post / Parts Bin
    $90 or best offer
  2. PPQ
    I bought a PPQ.22lr as a starter handgun for the folks that go with me to the range and have never shot. It's a nice looking gun and definitely feels like my PPQ.45 in almost all aspects. However, I was cleaning it before I went out to the range and while I was using my nylon brush, I noticed...
  3. P22
    Hi im puraching my first walther firearm today.. or atleast i would like to.. im looking to buy the walther p22 .22lr 5" because its a beautiful looking gun and i love to plink and i hear good things. My only issue it trying to find the best price. my dealer chargers i belive $65 usd and $15nix...
  4. PP and TP Series
    Hi everyone, Gordon from Ireland. I need some info quickly to help me decide between a long or short barrelled Sport... The short barrel (6") is in very good condition (appears unused) and is in presentation box with two mags but seems to be missing a barrel weight and all documents. It's...
  5. PPQ
    So, when I search this site for the term 'P22' i get zero results(?). I think that is odd that there is not one single mention of that gun in these forums. I am looking to buy a .22. Pretty much everything I have read so far indicates that the PPQ is superior to the P22 in a lot of different...
  6. PPQ
    I'm having issues with my PPQ M2 .22 shooting really high out of the box with the factory sights! With the rear sights wound down as low as possible, It is still shooting about 2 inches high @ 10y, 4 inches high @ 25y and 10 inches high @ 50y. this is bench rested and tried over 3 separate...
  7. Want To Buy
    Looking for a set of plastic replacement grips for the Walther TPH .22. Let me know what ya got or know where I can purchase some. Thanks. :)
  8. PP and TP Series
    I've had this for 22 years. Any members know what the value would be today ? Overall very nice. See photos.
1-8 of 8 Results