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Walther HK MP5 .22LR model - ammo question

I recently acquired one of the Walther HK MP5 clones in .22LR, and have been acquiring .22LR ammunition for it as well. As a relative newcomer to semi-auto .22LR rifles, I'm not that familiar with what's supposed to get used. The folks at the range today had a few boxes of CCI .22LR on the shelves, and when I bought them, they told me that you need high velocity for semi-autos.

Now, I've already put 200 rounds of the same CCI standard velocity .22LR through with no problems or misfeeds of any kind. Is this something I might need to worry about down the line, or does this issue mainly apply to semi-auto pistols? I've got over a thousand rounds of standard velocity ammo, and it's been working just fine in the MP5 so far.

Also, it's a REALLY fun gun to shoot. Recoil, as you'd expect from a .22, is negligible. The gun is very solid and well-built, and the trigger, while a little mushy-feeling, does have a noticeable reset. The gun is quite accurate too. It took me one mag to figure out where the hold was, and then I was punching holes happily. Rapid fire could not be easier.

Even though ammunition is still more expensive than it was, .22LR is still cheaper, at about 10 cents a round on average, than anything else outside of laser trainers or airsoft, and the Walther HK MP5 can be found for under 400 occasionally (or the cheaper GSG version, which can be found for under 300, and sometimes on sale for under 200). I can't tell you how awesome of a range toy this gun is, and since a .22 is lethal with appropriate shot placement (which is easy with this gun), it might even make a decent GTH gun. It would certainly make a fine varminter.
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When I bought my MP5 22, I truly expected it to be a boat anchor. I bought it in a period of less than average sanity when I was so depressed at the time that I thought, "Heck, I should go buy a crappy gun just to round out the week!"

Well, I was truly expecting to be disappointed with my MP 5 and, to make sure that it did...LOL...disappoint....I dug up all of the crappiest old ammo I could find to shoot through it.

I dug up a box of 1980s Remington Thunderbolts ( guaranteed to ruin anyone's shooting day ), some 1980s Winchester Wildcats, some mystery ammo from the bottom of a bag, some old Federal Bulk from better days, etc.

Much to my amazement.....( and it truly help lift my depression at the time ) my little MP5 just ate all of it up!!! Not a single Fail to Fire, Fail to Eject OR Fail to Teed. To boot, it's fairly accurate and very repeatable!!!

I love my MP 5....it's one of Walther's best ideas!!! It doesn't mean all of them are perfect...but by gosh, they are actually decently designed.

I'd say that you shouldn't worry too much about what you put through it. Keep toward "high velocity" ammo and just go from there!!!!
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After putting a few thousand rounds of various ammo through mine I would agree wholeheartedly Desertmoon. It seems happy with anything I feed it.

As far as fun for the money I think this is my best gun purchase ever.
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Sorry to resurrect an old thread but had to share.

Back when rimfire was scarce a friend snagged a few 325 ct boxes of Winchester Xpert .22lr from Wal-Mart and sold me a box for his cost. I was glad to have it, but it was hands down the poorest ammo I've ever seen. Every other round had a crimp so bad you could spin the bullet in it's case. And it jammed in everything. My High Standards Sport King, my Ruger MK I, Ruger Charger, Beretta ARX-160. Even my Remington 552 Speedmaster, which I've had since the 80's and NEVER jammed til this.

But the HK MP5-22 ate it all up. Only once did it fail, a round was jammed in the chamber so bad I had to pop it out with a screwdriver. And it kept running that garbage. So my HK MP5-22 is now THE most reliable rimfire I own. It doesn't outshoot the Speedmaster, but it's a close second.

My only regret is not getting a Walther/Umarex fixed stock when they were still available.
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I've shot Remington golden trash, thunderbolt and Federal bulk in my SD model and it eats all three but the Federal bulk is by far the most accurate of the three.

I was caught short on ammo during the great run on .22 but never again. I now have more than I'll ever shoot up in two life times.

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