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new02252019 .22
PPK/S Problems

Just looking to see if anyone has had different luck with their PPK/S from Walther. Bought a new PPK/S from Walther, December 2018. After 200 rounds the extractor and ball bearing blew out while shooting. I say blew out because it hit my face and hand drawing blood. Of course wearing safety glasses.

Sent the slide to Walther in Fort Smith and they returned it promptly within two weeks. I had been shooting Blazer ammo through the gun, and was not asked what type ammo was I using, etc., etc. The Blazer ammo cycled the .22 perfectly and was not informed that some ammo is not recommended by Walther. Checking my owners manual and on-line manual the only recommendations were not to shoot +P+ ammo. Certainly, Blazer is not +P ammo. In the interim, I purchase 5,000 rounds of Blazer ammo thinking that this cycles perfectly through the gun this will be fine.

Received the pistol several weeks ago and it is absolutely worthless. Will not cycle Blazer, will not cycle Winchester; essentially worthless.

The customer service lady will not help me any longer, claims the two brands of ammo I am using are exactly the two they recommend NOT using. I called customer service talked to two people and was told essentially tough luck on the 5,000 round ammo purchase and I should use those rounds in another brand of handgun such as Ruger, Beretta, etc. but Walther cannot extract this and other types of .22 ammo. Just wondering, is this a one off? Thank you.
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An Angry Hippo .22
Walther rimfire sucks.

I don't own a PPK in .22 but both my 1911 and P22CA are certifiable junk.

The P22CA doesn't run ANYTHING reliably. Even the holy grail, CCI mini-mag, is kind of hit or miss. Winchester super X, remington vipers and other 'hot' rounds function about as well. My p22ca is super nifty for practicing malfunction drills, however.

My Walther/colt 1911 left the factory with a safety that locks up the whole weapon (resolution is a trip back to Fort Smith).

At this point I can't recommend Walther rimfires of ANY make or model - and their willingness to put out such junk in .22 combined with the PPSM2 recall makes me seriously question if I will purchase another Walther.
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