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Caribou 01-15-2016 08:59 PM

Remove KK? front sight base.
Has anyone tried to remove the aluminum front sight base from a KKS-D barrel? I am thinking of putting a tuner on my Wally and using it for local club BR shooting. It appears to be a press fit; no sign of a pin.

grynerfan2 01-20-2016 09:24 PM

Have you removed the sight ? There should be a set screw under it that locks the base in place.

MGMike 01-20-2016 10:47 PM

And handle it gently; it's not aluminum.


Caribou 01-21-2016 01:52 AM

Thanks for the info folks. I just took the front sight off. Turned out the little screw and the base came off quite easily. I am thinking about putting a tuner and scope on and have some bench rest fun. Thanks again.

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