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Whocarez .22
KKJ safety issue

Hi everyone,

I've bought a nice little KKJ, single trigger model with a 5 rounds magazine.
Works nice.
I decide to clean it up and ended taking it totally apart.
Simple and smooth.
Except for the safety button.
On the KKJ model it appears that the safety is operated by quite a large clutch that goes completely through the rifle action and stock.
Those of you who know this rifle, will immediately see what I'm talking about.
After taking the action out of the stock I tried to get the safety button and clutch of the stock.
Not only I was not able to do so but I actually pushed on the safety button.
As the action was not in place any more the safety button went somewhat to far across the stock.
Somehow this made a very small spring and 2 tiny metal balls pop-up out of the safety mechanism.
Right now I'm unable to take those pieces back in place and I can't get the safety of the stock.
Does any one of you can help me out by telling me how I could get all this back together ?
I'm attaching 2 pictures.
Thank you very much for your time and help guys.
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Whocarez .22
Nobody ?
Any idea ?
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Give it a moment. Wait for it ... the rifle experts drop in from time to time.
Searcher 451

Μολὼν λαβέ
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Whocarez .22
Ok thanks
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MGMike .38
The little spring goes into the hole through the button, with one ball on each end, so one spring powers both of the balls outward in opposite directions. The balls engage annular grooves inside the tube, one groove for "safe", the other for "fire". There is an O-ring in the middle of the button which also puts some resistance on its movement. You'll need to get the spring and balls into position and hold them compressed while you press the button into the tube, overcoming the O-ring.

You might have to fabricate a tube-like slave tool that will slip over the button and hold the spring and balls in a compressed state in order to perform the insertion.

Do not try to remove the ferrules on each side of the stock. They are left and right handed, and semi-permanently pressed in. Leave them alone.

Do all this in an empty room on a white bedsheet, or you'll be sorry. (Actually I think you're already sorry.)

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Old 03-11-2014, 03:41 AM   #6
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Whocarez .22
Thank you MGMike.
Lot of good info here for me.
I understand that I don't have to try to figure out how to take down the safety This means that I will have to work the spring and balls back in place while the safety is still in place on the stock.
The main obstacle here is the space. I barely can stick my fingers there.
At least I now know what I'm facing.
And yes you're right I'm starting to be sorry.
It's a shame that such an easy to disassemble rifle hides this tiny little trap you just can't avoid to step on.
Again many thanks.

I'll post the end of all this and how I managed to sort it out.

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Old 03-13-2014, 06:04 PM   #7
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Whocarez .22
Hi everyone,

Here's a very quick description (I'll post pictures later) of how I managed to get back in place the spring and the metal balls that make the safety plunger hold closed or opened position.

What you need :
- a good strong magnet (many on Amazon)
- electrical tape, thin as possible
- metallic tweezers, the ones for electronics works

How to proceed :
- cut a small square of tape and stick on one of the holes of the safety plunger (hold the rifle stock just as if you were shooting)
- roll the spring and the balls on the magnet long enough to make them tend to stick together
- turn the safety plunger in a way that the spring tunnel is vertical and the tape holds the bottom end of it
- stick the magnet on the right side of the safety plunger (the left side is the one with red paint on it)
- drop the first ball in the spring tunnel, it holds there thanks to the tape that is under
- drop the spring into its tunnel
- here's the tricky part : put the second ball on top of the spring, use the tweezers very gently (the magnet helps somewhat to hold all this together), and while pushing the safety plunger very slowly from right to left (the red band is on the left hand side of the plunger), with the tip of the tweezers put a little bit of a pressure on the second ball to make it very gently squeeze the spring, you should then hear a little click and feel some resistance; at this point you're almost done...
- slowly flip the stock up side down so that you can see the other end of the spring tunnel, the one where sits the tape
- this time put a substantial pressure on the plunger that will still be resisting, meanwhile get the piece of tape of the plunger with the tweezers, very slowly but quite firmly
- and abracadabra... as the tape gets away the whole safety plunger gets back into place in the stock left hand side.

That's it.
Hope this will help some of guys

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