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BitterMuppet Unproven
Hello everyone! This is my first post in your forum so I hope it's well received. I've been following this rifle ever since about 2 months ago when I saw one at a Gun Show. I'm a little concerned about probably more negative feedback than positive on this. I must say the gun looks awsome and I'm a fan of "bullpup" stocks in general. I even have a Mini-14 in a Bullpup and for me it works better than a traditional stock.

I hope this doesn't violate protocal in this forum, but in another forum ( I found some very negative feedback on it. I REALLY WANT this rifle and I know of a few dealers in my area that can order it but I'm hoping any of you with one can give me more feedback. I want the good the bad and the ugly on these. I do have a 10/22 with several hi-cap mags that I'm thinking of just dropping into a bullpup like my Mini-14 (which I guess would be cheaper than buying one of these).
Any feedback appreciated. I've taken a lot of notes from the feedback so far so keep up the good communications!!!
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BUSCH393 Unproven
Hello all, I'm new to the forum. My dealer tells me the G22 can be changed from right handed to left handed. Are the controls being changed only and it still ejects from the right or can you have it eject from the left. Not sure if thats a dumb question or not. this is my first semi. I more a revolver and deer rifle guy.

thanks, mark
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P88 Unproven
Yes, this means it ejects from the side you want it to. Meaning left-hand configuration it ejects on the left side. Right-hand configuration, it ejects on the right.
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Old 11-24-2004, 08:11 PM   #34
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ttazzman Unproven
I have owned my G22 for a while......shot several thousand rounds thru it

#1 it doesnt like Trucated pointed ammo

#2 its a B*&^H to clean i finally went to a dry metal treatment lube and that helped a ton (also) i have learned how to take the little springs out and replace them so i can clean the gun with compressed air (much easyer)

#3 at the range it will easyly shoot .5 fifty yard groups

#4 There are cheap 20$ weaver rail bipods usually avilible on EBAY

#5 if you want to mount a scope be careful to get enough eye relief as the carry handle doesnt allow much rearward adjustment for short eye relief scopes...(you can attach a weaver rail extension to cure this if you remove the rear site)

#6 the trigger benifits from a slight bit of adjusting

I know all of that sounds a bit Bad.....but trust me its not.....this little gun has to be the most fun ...most accurate ..gun of this type i have ever shot.....everyone wants to shoot it at the range...i always take it to shoot when im done with other guns....i regularly put 500 rounds thru this gun in a days time.....i sure wish someone would come out with a high cap magazine for it fingers are getting sore..
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