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Kiowasolutions .22
New WA2000

I think the WA2000 was a fantastic rifle for its day, I’d be interested to think what others feel is a modern comparison or if there is a modern market for a Walther product. My immediate thought is a Desert Tech in .300 WM, but I think Walther could fill a niche gap. Thoughts?
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DukeIronHand .22
I would jump on a WA2000 in a second if they would cut the price about 100 fold.
Modern equivalent? Hmmm. PSG-1?
Wish Walther would get back into the centerfire rifle game.
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P88 Unproven
Well, since the WA2000 is a gas gun and bull-pup, I would say a modern day replacement would be more along the line of a Desert Tech MDR, Keltec RFB, or maybe IWI Travor. But, I'm not sure if there is a .300 Win-mag equivalent bull-pup out there. Most of these are .308 or 5.56.
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romeo_alpha01 .22
I got excited thinking you bought one.

I’ll just pretend you did. Congratulations
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