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Dieselgunner 03-02-2019 09:18 PM

Sportmodell Meisterbuchse
Newbie here. Have a friend who is need and has one of these. Cannot find much info on these except that they break firing pins and it does not seem that any parts are available. This one is in need of a red (orange) butt pad as the one that is on it is severely degraded. Rifle is in good condition with a very good bore. Can anyone tell me if there are any parts available? Considering buying to help a friend. I know that I have not posted photos, but am knowledgeable on condition and how it effects value or firearms. Can anyone help me with value of a s/n 26xxx W Rifle?

Poloberst 03-03-2019 04:25 PM

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This is the one you are writing about? The Walther target/sport rifle pre-May 1945 production doesn't seem as popular as the training rifles like the DSM 34 and KKW At least IMO. I think values are in the high $100s for nice pieces. Mine is in the 43xxx W range and an E/N. Still has the orange colored butt pad. I know of no particular source for rifle parts, but the actions of this series of rifles use the same bolt. My Meisterbüchse-Olympic bolt works in my Sportmodell V and vice-versa. I would look for a junker for parts. With the problems you mention, I wouldn't invest much in the rifle as there are nice complete ones out there to buy.

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