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tom_ .22
A pre purchase contact a few weeks ago was one of the finest customer service experiences I have ever had, person was patient, knowledgeable and beyond helpful. The purpose of the call was to verify whether or not Walther has any parts issues with the PPS, every part I inquired about, at least a good dozen- all wear items, were in the States and available.

A second contact was to obtain info on ammo limitations, specifically if +p was acceptable, this person, women, was amazing in her knowledge and patience.

The people I spoke to at Walther are serious about business.
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Originally Posted by Linejudgemick View Post
At searcher451's urging, I sent my concern to C.S. via email yesterday. BTW, since tweaking the magazine lips myself, I've put another 50 rounds of the subject Federal Champion 180gr FMJ through the 6-round magazine 2 or 3 at a time, both slow fire and quick fire and didn't have any issues...

Thanks searcher451 for your suggestions and this thread for the benefit of us all.
Here is a follow-up to my situation. After I emailed Walther, I got a reply from Glen Seiter. He offered to exchange my magazine so he could test it further. I explained to him that I had modified it by bending the feed lips (138 rounds without an issue since). He was only interested in testing it as configured by the factory. He sent me another magazine anyway, and I've agreed to test it and send him my results with it. I received it yesterday, but I'm having trouble finding Federal Champion 180gr ball. That was the ammo that I seemed to have the most issue with. One way or another I'll test it as best I can and give them my results. I really appreciate Glenn's follow-up.

I also appreciate Searcher's feedback and recommendation. It certainly has helped remove, or at least reduce the bad taste I had from my original c.s. experience.
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PPS 40 S&W
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My experience was 50/50. bad in that then gun didn't really function much better after repair; but good in that they were friendly, responsive, and warrantied my out of warranty gun. Still, it wasn't quite right after all was said and done. Sold it and bought another Walther, so I couldn't have been too upset.
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See post #7

Well, almost a month after I sent my letter to the CEO I was contacted by Everett Deger, the new marketing mgr of Walther, by phone. He advised they would bring my gun back in for further evaluation, and if they found that my claim of an unacceptable (my word) trigger was valid, they would either repair or replace my gun. I sent it out FedEx Thursday (7/3); they will have it Tuesday. I'll do a final post when the gun is returned. Bp
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RickH .22
Excellent Idea!

Nice work. This helps everyone. You the man.
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Bananapuppy .22
Received an email from FedEx today. My PPQ has been shipped back to me, scheduled to arrive Tuesday. Will post final results then. Bp
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My safety catch/thumb safety broke in half on my Interarms PPK/s mid 1980 production a couple weeks ago. Called S&W and was told to contact Fort Smith. Can't remember name of fellow that helped me but possibly Dallas. He immediately sent parts list to my computer while I was on the phone with him and I proceeded to place the order. Received part in less than a week. He was very helpful and I came away with a good feeling about the overall experience.
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Bananapuppy .22

See my previous posts numbers 7, 18, and 20.

Well, my PPQ came back from Walther today, after being sent in five times for service pertaining to a bad trigger. Lo and behold, they sent me a new gun!!! 2014 build date, FAUxxxx serial number! My faith in Walther has been restored; now I can go forward with my plans to acquire additional Walthers! Good shooting to all! Bp
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Ding ding and ding again. We have a winner! We also have an excellent example of good customer service at long last. Bravo, Banana. And bravo, Walther, for getting it right, even if it took a couple of additional spins around the block.

This was definitely a case where the wheel needed to squeak a bit to be heard. Sure glad somebody heard it.
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Searcher 451

Μολὼν λαβέ

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I'll be checking out Walther's Customer Service on a S&W PPK/S manufactured just after the recall range. It has an over dremeled feed ramp so rounds jump ahead of the extractor. Symptoms are light strikes, double feeds, failure to extract and the mag locks into the gun. S&W only performs recall repairs so they referred me to Walther Customer Service. I received a return form from Walther and a case number. I'll shoot it again to get the fired casings Walther requested then send it in. More to follow.

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