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Originally Posted by WaterDR View Post
Check the MSDS...then again, maybe your shouldn’t

I posted the link to it above. It's really "mostly harmless. don't drink, don't pour it into clear creeks, wash your hands after use", in so many words.
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Mike, I will be seeing that derby in my dreams...
Smells great, works about as well as anything for gun cleaning, just wash up when you're done, if you're worried.
Only caveat; Hoppes attacks copper, which is applied first in a nickle plating process; left on, it can attack the underlying copper. Wipe off the excess.

Not aware of it hurting bluing, but I've never kept a blued gun wet with it.
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If it was from a very old bottle of Hoppe 9 then there is a benzine hazard. I believe they removed benzine from the current formula.
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Nearly all solvents, cleaners, motor oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, paint thinners, etc. are bad for you. But it takes a lot of exposure over a lot of years before any problems might surface. Most of us simply go about our business with these and many other products then simply washing our hands after use. I would wash everything that got any of the Hoppes on it and proceed from there. Wash separately....there may be damage, there might not be. All of the above stuff can penetrate your skin. 1917
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Originally Posted by MGMike View Post
I'm in Dreamsville...

THAT'S what I'm screamin'!!!
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While cleaning a couple of handguns on the kitchen table Laminate top, some soaked through the towel I had down. Sure enough in a couple of areas where the hoppes took the shine right off! Wife wasn't to happy! But on clothing etc., a quick wash might get it out. Not sure.
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