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USA made Walthers

How do they compare to the older German and French pistols? Big article in this months American Rifleman got me interested.
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DE Pistole .22
this will be a hornet's nest ...
-- I think the German/French made PP series pistols are the most refined and beautiful of all Walther PP variants.
-- I think the Interarms/Ranger PPK was the "sweet spot" in the production of the PP series. It retained much of the original classic PPK look, but was also available in stainless steel.
-- While tained by a safety recall, the S&W variant (with it's continuous feed ramp) made the PPK pistol a more viable defensive pistol given it can reliably cycle HP/JHP in addition to FMJ. When fixed (or if post recall), I think the stainless steel S&W PPK provides the most "bang for buck" of any variant.
-- The PPK/S can be pointed as readily as the PPK, but with a PP length grip it is easier to control than the PPK while also providing as extra round.

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In my own experience, a mixed bag. My two US .32s are flawless. My .380 PPK required multiple trips to a gunsmith to sort out. I got rid of the .380 PPK/S at the same time in a move to avoid the chance of it malfunctioning as well.

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Gearhead1432 .22
I trust my S&W .380 PPK. Clean and lubed it runs well. Compared to my ‘68 .32 PP, it falls short in most areas. Fit and finish hands down goes to the German made model. The only issue I’ve seen on a German PP or PPK was hammer follow, or failure of the hammer to cock after the first shot, which may have been ammo related.
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The Ranger/Interarms pistols are well made and generally worth owning. I cannot speak to the S&W pistols, but there is plenty of discussion available about the recall and mods introduced to the original design. Personally, I find the S&W extended beavertail unattractive, but others think it cured a problem in the original design (which I have not experienced in shooting any PP-series pistols). As for the Fort Smith pistols, that is still in the early discussion stage. They do not interest me, at all, and instead I would spend my money on a vintage Walther or Manurhin pistol. My $0.02
"I don't need another 9mm pistol because I've already got a P5." Pilotsteve
"Some of my nicest Walthers are Manurhin." GeoNole94
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I think the Interarms models are a good middle ground with costs and functionality. The one selling point that I enjoy on my Interarms models is that the trigger pulls are more pleasant than the German models. I don't know if re-engineering was done or cheaper parts, but the trigger pulls are noticeably lighter and smoother.
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HK USP .40 for duty
PPK .380 or PPS M1 .40 for concealed

Currently looking for .380 PPK and PPK/S frames or parts guns. Please PM me if you have one to sell.
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Mr.Efficiency .22
I have a pre war .32 PPK. It is magnificent in every way.

The Manchurins are very nice

I have a .380 PPK from Interarms. I went through a few of them before I found one that just shoots flawlessly. But this one does.

Iím not fond of the Smith because it departs a bit from the original design, looks wise, a bit. And I havenít heard the best things and seen some stovepipe a lot.

The PPK is a great piece that probably would be on the trash heap of history if it werenít for James Bond. But it is uncannily accurate and a blast to shoot and yes, I carry it from time to time.

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DE Pistole .22
without Bond, on the "trash heap of history" ... this is a common assertion. for many years after WWII, the PPK remained one of the most innovative and effective "pocket pistols" available, so I would agree more with "might have" than "probably."

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halfmoonclip .22
I couldn't get 100 straight rounds thru' a Ranger PPK/s, nor could a buddy, back when they were still in production in Alabama.
My current sample has run 100% on ball, tho' it's never been pushed for reliability, and I was trying to run hollow points 30 years ago.
Geo' does a nice summation, IMHO.
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like putting diesel fuel in a gasoline engine
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