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Why I bought a Shadow 2 and not an SF

This was a decision that I labored over....for months.

I love my Q5. I have more rounds through it than any gun I own. Two years local league champ with it too. By a long distance.

The SF seemed like a logical next step. However, in the end, it was just another Q5 but with a steel frame. That might be a bit unfair.

In the end I went S2. Why? Lower bore axis. Holds more rounds. Better trigger. I paid $900 for a brand new black and blue S2. It’s now headed to Cajon Gun Works and I will be dropping almost $600 bucks on it. It will take almost three months before I get it back.

I will have $1500 in the gun and it will be far better than an SF when it gets back.

I have fired multiple S2s, an SF, and a friends CGW S2. It was an easy decision.

Sorry guys. I will still shoot my Q5.
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Went to my lgs a few day ago just to browse and checked out the Shadow 2. Of course I compared it to the SF and was convinced the Shadow was much a much better pistol in all respects. The trigger was extremely smooth and the break felt like a 1911. The grip was perfect and the lower slide height/barrel seemed to enhance the sight picture over what I see with most semi's.
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