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SmileyBlair .22
P365 Walther version

Any news out there about Walther coming out with anything that will resemble the P365?
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An Angry Hippo .22
Originally Posted by SmileyBlair View Post
Any news out there about Walther coming out with anything that will resemble the P365?

Many would say that the PPS is Walther's competitor to the Sigp365.

The Sig, on paper, seems to have the advantage.

Greater capacity (2-4 rounds more, depending on magazine in the PPS)
Smaller size (both in height and length)
Lighter weight
Standard night sights
Has accessory rail (although the M1/classic has the rail as well)

But that doesn't tell the whole story. Many folks find the PPS to be a better shooter... a lot of that falls into the size and type of sights on the weapon. A bigger gun is generally easier to shoot than a smaller one.

My opinion... you are unlikely to see a 'sub-compact' or single stack 9mm smaller than the PPS coming from Walther.

I, personally, would like to see Walther take a shot at a micro .380 to compete with the LCP, LCP2, Bodyguard, TCP style weapons.
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Bandit1 .22
I have no idea if Walther has anything like the P365 in the works, but I have been intrigued by the P365 although I carry a PPS M2 regularly and doubt I would switch to the P365 because I like my PPS a lot.

I would like to see Walther make a more direct competitor to the P365. Very similar in size to the PPS, but with a slightly wider grip and the extra capacity. Put a standard rail on the front, which the PPS lacks, and a trigger that feels very similar to the PPQ. Maybe make them optic ready like the new P365 XL with mounting plates with smaller optics like the Shield RMSC in mind.
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Lic0rice .22
Originally Posted by An Angry Hippo View Post
Many would say that the PPS is Walther's competitor to the Sigp365.
I own both. Carried the PPS M1 for 3+ years. Really happy with the PPS. But, there is no comparison between the two. My PPS is now for sale.

If Walther does come out with something that truly does compete with the P365, I will give it a look. Just don't know how the P365 can be improved upon. Could not be happier with everything about the P365. Especially after adding a Hogue grip which really makes it a soft shooter.
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Jslow .22
I actually traded my p365 off for a p2000. I hated that gun (p365). It was too small for my grip. Had zero luck trying to drop a magazine. Had to completely readjust my grip to get them mags to fall free and then had to shake the gun. The reliability issues just scares me and I did experience Barrell peening and scratches all over the magazines from the internal spring scratching the side of the mags. I simply didn’t trust the gun and couldn’t operate it well. Sitting next to me right now as a matter of fact is my second favorite edc my Walther PPS M1. I put some Trijicon HD’s on it. Love that gun.
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halfmoonclip .22
It would be surprising if the P365 doesn't generate a great deal of competition; it is a high bar to reach.
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romeo_alpha01 .22
Bring back the Walther P5 Compact, or something close to it!
Father and Son, P88 and P99
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Not sure if posting a link to another forum is proper but you might want to head over to SigTalk and search the thread “P365 has failed“ and do some reading directly from a few Sig and P365 owners. I own both, shot both and just like all things comparing one firearm to another, it’s largely a personal decision. It’s a popular gun for sure but Sig itself is popular and Ive owned many and still do.

Still, my choice is the PPS M2 just because it fits my hand really well. Just like my M&P Shield did before it. For carry, combining it with a Clinger Holster, it disappears, it’s comfortable and light. And I echo the previous comment about not being able to drop and switch mags very well on the P365. Im not concerned about the extra few rounds. I think it’s cool that Sig figured out how to do it. But if ever comes the day I need more than what my PPS carries plus what I have in a spare mag, then I’m in deep doo doo and probably was in a place I shouldn’t have been in the first place.
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