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Redcoat3340 .22
New Walther "Quiz." Who's gonna fill it out??

Just got an email from Walther asking me to take a "quiz."

It ain't a's 20 questions designed to elicit your name, email address, how many guns you own, your yearly "gun/ammo" budget and a lot more stuff that's nobody's business.

If you enter, you could win a PPK (wow!?). (And for sure "win" an eternity of emails selling stuff.)

Who in their right mind would fill this out, even if they were sure it came from Walther, couldn't be hacked, and didn't want to be discreet about themselves and their firearms.

I'm not including the link to the web site. But anyone who gets the Walther email blasts is sure gonna get it.

I just wonder why the marketeers at Walter think anyone is gonna fill it out.

(And yes, gun companies and lots of other folks get some of that info from warrenties, or I give them an email addy so I can find out about things, or they track my computer use. But this puts all that stuff in one place...and it ain't gonna be my stuff.)
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Who says I have to tell them the truth?
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chandler5566 .22
Originally Posted by Kar98 View Post
Who says I have to tell them the truth?

Rule #5 states that if you violate any of the rules you will be disqualified. That means they will compare name, address, zip and other info. Now the funny part as stated in their rules sheet..... Other than stating they are not liable for anything there are really only 2 rules that I found. The second rule is that by submitting an entry you agree to sign up for Walther and just about every other firearm retailer that Walther could entice into this joke! I have no doubt that Walther is now selling our info.

Take special note that Walther refuses to tell you why they want the info....other than to help them in some way.
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Old 06-25-2019, 06:26 PM   #4
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OmegaJB .22
I have 1 gun that's a Walther which they know about since it was sent to them for service, everything besides my contact information may or may not be accurate.

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Thunderbirdsport302 .22
They already have my address and number on file.

And I don't want a goddamned PPK.

Unless it's an Interarms, and I'm too broke for all that jazz..
"Oh, you don't like guns? You probably won't like me either, then, and I'm perfectly okay with that.."
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olsoul .22
I received the email too.
I don't need a free gun that much...
A Mime is a terrible thing to waste
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I got the "Quiz" email, deleted it.

I own 9 Walthers, Ft Smith knows of 1 (the lone poly example).
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DukeIronHand .22
Walther knows all about my pistols as I “Registered my Product(s)” with them. Mainly for recalls and warranty work.
Since not only do I have to fill out ATF paperwork upon purchase for (ultimately) the Feds (after of course the distributer records the sale to my FFL guy) I also have to register them with my state of residence via the county sheriff into the state police pistol registration database.
The Walther company is the least of my problems...
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I have one email address just for sales enquiries, the spam folder is overflowing and only loosely checked when I have a active enquiry.
Besides, I am more into higher quality classic handguns and not so much into Umarex/Walther.
Viel Feind, viel Ehr
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