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That post/rant is longer than the proposed border wall.
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Remember the experts here on this forum really don't know anything, especially when it comes to reworked weapons. And you just know Walther is going to go way out of their way to examine this and every other "rare" and one of a kind weapon someone found in grandpa's attic or sock drawer.

I'm sorry he got his panties in a twist as it is a nice enough shooter that many would be pleased to have in their collection. While I don't find it spectacular (I too think it has been reworked) I'd buy it it weren't too expensive.

I don't want to cast "asparagus" but is it possible that he was fishing for a back story so he could drive up the price on gunbroker? We've seen that before.

Methinks thou doth protest too much.
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Whyyousofat, maybe you are still reading. The question has arisen as to why you are being treated differently here. I will try to explain why I have that impression too. Let's have a look at some of your posts and possible conclusions:

9/9/2018 Gorgeous All Original 1938 WW2 War Model Blued Walther PPK .32
Originally Posted by Whyyousofat View Post
Not my first PPK by any means but by far the oldest [...] as the others I have owned have been post 1968 models.
  • So a 1938 PPK is your first Zella-Mehlis PPK (it isn't a war model of course). Since you just picked it up, you're a fresh collector of Zella-Mehlis PPK models. Right?
  • It seems to be your only PPK at this time.

12/23/2018 Any Help? 1931 Walther PPK 7.65 S/N 779XXX NO MARKINGS!!!
Originally Posted by Whyyousofat View Post
I just picked up this Walther PPK everything is all original and does not appear at all to have been altered in any way. However aside from the serial number and the logos on the Walther grips there are no markings at all. No logo no proof stamps either on the slide or the barrel breech nothing scratched inside the slide.
  • This exemplar seems to be your second Zella-Mehlis PPK (it isn't a 1931 PPK though).
  • It features post 1968 grips, so "not been altered" in any way seems to be an overstatement in the eyes of some members here.

12/24/2018 Any Help? 1931 Walther PPK 7.65 S/N 779XXX NO MARKINGS!!!
Originally Posted by Whyyousofat View Post
I [...] compared it to my 1938 model and it's exactly the same.
  • This makes be believe that you own two Zella-Mehlis PPK at this time. I don't claim it.

12/24/2018 Any Help? 1931 Walther PPK 7.65 S/N 779XXX NO MARKINGS!!!
Originally Posted by Whyyousofat View Post
I collect pre-1945 PPK's and in my collection I have many.
  • Nobody here doubts that you bought many Zella-Mehlis PPK models during the last three months. Nobody. But some wonder, of course.

1/20/2019 Any Help? NO MARKING 1931 PPK .32 SN: 779341
Originally Posted by Whyyousofat View Post
I just picked up this Walther PPK everything is all original and has not been altered in any way. However, aside from the serial number behind the trigger and the last 3 digits scratched into the inside of the slide. [...] I have many pre war PPK Pistols, this one has me and Walther stumped. Yes I called Walther. They are confused and interested as well.
  • You don't tell it but we can see that the pistol (which still isn't a 1931 PPK) now features the grips of your previously shown 1938 PPK. It isn't a blame; it's just a comment.
  • You tell us that Walther is interested. Walther USA? Walther Germany?

1/21/2019 Any Help? NO MARKING 1931 PPK .32 SN: 779341
Originally Posted by Whyyousofat View Post
[...] this gun has been sent to and inspected by Walther. It IS original. I put the grips from my 1933 Model on it as the black grips were clearly not period correct. Every model I have looked at has the same screw on the same side, that is completely irrelevant here.
So I changed the grip which had been changed at some point anyway. WALTHER has confirmed the pistol's authenticity, that it is all original and matching-aside from the very superficial grips which are irrelevant to this story.
I dont understand why I am different. I have gone so far as to weigh parts down to the 1000th of a gram in comparison with parts of my other PPK's from the same era, I have many, and they all weigh the same.
If you're questioning my word about this gun you are questioning Walther's word about this gun. [...] If anyone cares the best working theory going between me and Walter [...] is that it could have been a test pistol with no need for superficial markings but would still require a serial number. Then instead of melting it down the worker pocketed it and walked out. That is the most plausible thing we can come up with.
Obviously you don't know too much about the different grips. Walther changed the position of the screw from the left to the right side in 1935. And it's just impossible that all the Zella-Mehlis .32 PPK all weigh the same because between 1931 and 1943 Walther changed several times the internal and external designs, used grips with and without metal inserts. You don't have to know alls that and nobody claims that you're stupid. In return those who know shouldn't be called idiots subliminally.

At one time you wrote that Walter was interested. The day after you wrote that Walther inspected the gun. Why don't you convince us with their statement? Isn't it understandable that doubts come up with such a behaviour?
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All irrelevant the gun is not for sale. Just thought I'd see if anybody had a backstory or maybe had heard of another one of these existing. I'm sorry that so many people have taken my words and deciphered them solely to tell me that I have nothing but an altered gun. grips get changed guns are dropped and bakelite is fragile. I'm not trying to show up anybody here I'm not trying to claim that I have a valuable gun that is for sale or drive up the price or talk up anything or down to anyone. I certainly didn't post this to get chastised but I have had the gun authenticated and so I fail to see how questioning my credentials or worse yet insulting who I am gets anybody anywhere. I'm not trying to drive up the price on GunBroker, it's not for sale. Also just to clear something up just because I haven't posted before does not mean I don't own multiple PPK pre-war models I just don't feel the need to show everybody everything that I have. I don't need that type of validation I don't do Facebook I don't care how many likes I get I have a real life. When I stated that I had weighed it I meant that I literally took the gun completely apart and along with another pre-war PPK the parts that did match I weighed them and they matched in weight exactly. Making fun of my profession as a watchmaker is just plain Petty and I work with tolerances that easily give me the credentials to measure something down to the smallest of tolerences. It's nobody's business to know what I have nor is it relevant. I saw this as something different and cool to share. However I got the answer I needed because nobody even bothered to try to do anything except insult me. The serial numbers match and after calling Walther they gave me the number of their expert on PPK pistols to whom I sent it to and received a phone call very quickly telling me that it is 100% authentic but that he cannot tell me any backstory and that he has never seen one before. The responses I received here are exactly why I don't post everything that I purchase or own and have in my collection because you guys never give any positive information. I mean come on, the grip screw facing the wrong way? That tells you my gun has been Is fake? Give me a break that's absurd. Anyway I'm going back to my real life and honestly all you've told me is that you don't have one I do and since that's the case all you can do is insult it. I don't need to prove to you who I am what I do how many I own and I don't see how any of that matters no one requested any further information or other pictures all you did was talk ****. But again this gun is NOT for sale for any price. it is authentic and other than maybe the grips completely unaltered. Say what you will I know what I have I thought it would just be cool to share with the Forum... clearly a mistake on my part and for that I apologize. I didn't realize I would strike such a nerve. Thank you to the one or two people who actually had something nice to say that gave me something to go off of the rest of you can piss off.
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