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Originally Posted by admin View Post
Good thing about us being up in the great white North, selling user data is highly illegal. So we just go off of ad revenue, same as the old company that sold the site to us

Well that tells me all I need to know.

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I stopped visiting Glocktalk because of the ads. I hope that doesn't happen here.
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It's worth noting that the originator of this forum originally set it up with no ad content whatsoever. Support came from member donations, and especially from those who advertised in the Trading Post section and completed a successful sale. The suggested donation was $10 yearly; you knew the supporting members because a little tag under their name identified them as such. The new owners, who came in a few years back, also continued the donations idea but introduced supporting vendors to the mix. They did maintain a separate section for that content and didn't flood the place with pop-ups and the like, which was greatly appreciated by the membership.
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Originally Posted by Redcat94 View Post
I stopped visiting Glocktalk because of the ads. I hope that doesn't happen here.
I stopped visiting GlockTalk because of the Glocks, but the advertising got to be annoying too. For awhile, M4Carbine had those same bar of "10 reasons why your head is going to explode" ads that you see at Fox News or CNN. Those were truly annoying and they fell by the wayside after about a month.
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Searcher brings up a good topic...

I don't mind seeing posts by vendors for Walther related products, holsters, lights, etc. However, stuff like zit cream and viagra and whatnot don't interest me. I'm halfway between needing acne meds and viagra, so maybe in a few more years the root juice might be handy, but for now, if there must be ads, at least make them relevant to the forum's namesake...Walther.

And again, example here, Tommy (Theis) occasionally posts a new product via a thread...this is very helpful, and gets the job IMO. Popup ads kinda suck (ok, they realllllly suck, but AB beats 'em down)

The ad situation here is really cool.....a lot of forums are so spammed with ads, or else they're somehow encoded so that they're part of the post string etc that you can't NOT see them...If it's all about money, PM me a link, I'll donate 25 or 30 bucks...don't need a tag under my username either....the info I've gotten here can't be priced and I'm not egotistical enough to want to be recognized for giving a little back, anyhow.

So far, so good. Keep on keepin' on.
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And HKPRO forums.
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That's what Ad Blocker Plus and Ghostery is for. I find it amusing that it counts how many ads have been blocked next to the app icon in the bookmark header.

Here, 7 for AB+ and 12 for Ghostery.

You should see what it blocks for Photobucket or any sort of on-line news site. I had an incredible 48 ads blocked on one news site.
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Hey all since it's gotten quiet around here I'm going to close this thread. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to pm us or if you see any issues please post them here Feedback, Comments and Issues - WaltherForums and we'll get back to you asap.
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Howdy, Helena, Kyle and Philip. Welcome aboard.
I have already met you on some of the other old Forum Foundry sites.
I'm on a lot of boards, I use the same screen name everywhere because I could easily get confused.
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Originally Posted by admin View Post
They are an investor, but stay out of the day to day running of the company. They Knew what we were buying and did not object. They also know that we don't change the direction of our content and how we operate, so i am sure they know nothing is going to change here whether they like it or not.

Really. Please nice of you to spout the corporate line but come on here in the US we know better then to trust such companies.
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