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Aye, I'm the worm in the apple, BigfatDave. Some fool left me the keys to City Hall - now I get to play with all the buttons and pull the levers!

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Infiltrate and dismantle

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Originally Posted by Pilotsteve View Post
...Since I like to go up there every once in awhile myself, I sat him down, grabbed my phone, and looked into it.

This reminds me of something that was uttered to me by a general in Haiti, where people could disappear without a trace, and no one dared to look.

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I hope it is cooler where you guys are. Man it is hot here, humid too......but, an average June so far. I made 7 jars of blackberry jelly today. Sugar free, used Splenda and some double strength pectin. I meant to ask if anyone has a favorite artificial sugar. Anything better tasting than Splenda? I might make the next batch with no artificial sugar...just boil the blackberry juice down a bit more. If anyone is up to speed on making sugar free anything along these lines.....I'm all ears.

I had 6 cups of strained juice, put in a cup of fake sugar per cup and a package of pectin (made from apples I think). It firmed up nicely on the side of the to see if it jellies in the jars. Regardless....I'll eat it.

Can't wait for the cucumbers and okra to, I'm going to make 50 big jars of pickled okra. I may be diabetic... last A1c was 6.2 ..but my blood pressure has always been good, so bring on the okra. M1911
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Osteria Francescana wins World's best restaurant. I believe there is a Netflix show on this joint.....the Chef is passionate if IRC. Bring the big credit card. English menu above....euros.....where are the cheeseburgers? M1911
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