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Samxboy 03-26-2019 12:43 PM

Opinions on RM8. Thinking of buying

New to the forum and looking for help in confirming that the RM8 is the right choice. Presently use a Gamo IGT 22 which is fine for shooting a few rats in the garden but is also rather noisy.
Been looking at PCP's with silencer and narrowed my choice down initially to a Gamo coyote, but then I saw that for the same money I can get a Walther RM8. This sounds like a no brainer and I appreciate there can be issues with any rifle, but what are your opinions on the RM8 now that it has been around a couple of years. Are there still issues with fluctuating power outputs? Magazine issues?
On a general level, is it really practical to use a hand pump for a PCP and are the cheap chinese Ebay pumps any good?
A lot of questions but any feedback would be appreciated.


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