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Umarex PPK/S Operative Kit Review.

Recently I ordered a Umarex PPK/S Operative Kit directly from Umarex. I wanted one just for the fun of it since I sadly almost never have the time or ability to go out to the range and shoot my real PPK/S in .22LR or .380 ACP.

The Umarex PPK/S Operative Kit cost me $19.99 + $10.00 Shipping & Handling for a total price of $29.99. The package contains the Airsoft PPK/S Replica, a (removable) Faux Suppressor, a bottle of 400 6mm Airsoft Pellets, and 2 magazines. (One flush flat-bottom magazine + one with a pinky finger extension.)
The PPK/S itself feels cheap and plasticy, (as one would expect given the pricetag) with the external moving parts like the trigger, trigger guard, and safety lever feeling extremely loose, yet in a stark contrast, the slide was extremely stiff, (not unlike a real PPK/S in .380 ACP) to the point that I can't imagine it being very fun to have to pull back for each shot, and I really hope that it will smooth out quickly over time/use.

I haven't gotten a chance to shoot it yet, wouldn't you know it, a thunderstorm rolled in just after it arrived in the mail, (a bad omen, perhaps?) but I doubt that it will differ much from any other airsoft pistol in that regard.

EDIT - 08/07/17: Finally got a chance to shoot it today. As predicted, it was not fun having to pull that slide back after each shot, the spring in there honestly feels heavier than the 20Lb recoil spring in my PPK/S .380, and to make matters worse, the plastic slide serrations just don't provide the same kind of positive grip that the metal ones on an actual PPK/S do, making it all the more difficult to rack the slide back. I only shot the thing for around 15 minutes before I finally got fed up wrestling with the slide and called it quits.
As far as shooting goes, it seemed perfectly accurate and reliable, although the lack of any coloration whatsoever on the sights made aiming rather difficult, especially seeing as it was an overcast day, (need to remember to paint the sights with a spot of bright paint) and forget about the faux suppressor, it just gets in the way. Only time will tell if working the slide will make it any easier with time, but if so it's gonna take a while regardless because of how quickly I'm liable to get tired of having to drag the stiff thing back after each and every shot.
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I've entrusted my life to a S&W PPK/S-1, it may not be able to stop the illusive 7ft/300Lbs+ Meth Head wearing 5 layers of denim and wielding a car door as a shield, but I'm fairly certain I can outrun such a beast, especially after dumping 7 rounds of .380 ACP into him.

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I got one of these for the boring nights. Love it. Pretty accurate. With the fake suppressor you can just shoot with both eyes open and do well. Gives you a reference point. Got an 8x10 plastice framed target off eBay with a nylon mesh backing that is great. Wasn't even $5 shipped.
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