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PPS1980 07-15-2016 05:01 PM

Umarex P99 DAO picked up as training aid
I thought I'd try the Umarex P99 DAO as a training aid for my new P99AS. After reading a bunch of reviews it sounded like it was made well, operated in a similar way to the real thing (e.g., blow back, paddle release, slide release) and was generally the right shape and weight.

Mine arrived today and its pretty impressive, given its my first airsoft gun. It fits in my Fobus P99 holster exactly like my P99AS. My laser fits on its rail precisely like on the P99AS. Its a bit lighter but still balances nicely in the hand and has definite heft to it. The paddle release is pretty indistinguishable from the real thing too. Trigger is not DA/SA but the general size and placement, while not identical, are close enough to aid in training muscle memory.

The magazines drop free like the real P99 as well. Its nice that the safety on the Umarex disengages the trigger but leaves the spring in place. This means that drills not involving firing the bbs is possible too.

Shot it in the garage against a packing box and velocity and penetration are impressive. The magazines hold 15 bbs which is also nice because the main magazines for the P99AS are 15 rounds too. Draw, point, shoot was very reminiscent of my trip to the range earlier today with the P99AS.

No idea about durability yet, obviously, but the idea of using it as a training aid seems to have been a good one at this point.

exor0110 07-15-2016 05:21 PM

Sounds pretty cool.

PPS1980 07-16-2016 11:34 AM

Have shot with the CO2 pistol around 300 rounds and have used 2 complete CO2 carts. Penetration of thick refrigerator box side completely and embedding in other side through the box on the first 1/2 of each cartridge.

Took a file (rounded on one side and flat on the other) that I use for fine work and smoothed the meeting point between the two halves of the grip front. A wee bit of a ridge there that was irritating my fingers and was not consistent with my real P99 grip. Once smoothed out, all of 2 minutes, the grip is far more like the P99 than before.

All-in-all it's looking to be a wonderful training aid.

PPS1980 12-02-2017 06:13 AM

Still used the CO2 P99 as a training aid. It is all but indistinguishable from the FS P99AS. Drawing practice is much easier and safer with it. Fun to shoot and in the garage too.

PPS1980 12-17-2017 02:34 PM

Another great use for the CO2 version of my P99s - I just got a OWB thumb break holster. I've wanted to try one and have never used one before. Practicing with the P99DAO CO2 pistol makes it that much safer.

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