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Originally Posted by Thunderbirdsport302 View Post
I think most of the people who *****ed about the looks of the PPX never put one in their hands. ...
I think you're right, people may have even seen it in person but said I"m not holding that, it looks ungainly, like a High-Point. I will admit it's not the most attractive gun but it's a shooter and for those who compare it to a HP, I say at most, the slight appearance it has to it is the only thing that might compare. Shooting it Regardless, it just didn't sell well and now it goes the way of those guns that were good but never popular.

Here it is with a few in my collection and it shoots just as good or better than any of them.
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Walther PPQ Navy M2, PPX SD and PPS M2
Glocks, Sigs, HK, etc...

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Curious as to what Fort Smith, AR would say to the same inquiry..?...

The pistol is still listed on their website. Still listed in other countries. Wonder if meant only Germany?
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There is probably a time table before it disappears there. Plus, it wouldn't make sense to me for potentially thousands of PPXs to be for sale in the U.S. with no info from Walther on them at all.
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People rave about the PPQ and snub the PPX. If they would put a PPQ on top of a PPX it might really open some eyes.
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Originally Posted by gc70 View Post
If they would put a PPQ on top of a PPX it might really open some eyes.
On the other hand, you might wind up with a PPQ compact.
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Just my luck. The first pistol I ever buy is discontinued. LOL! I actually kinda wish I had went with the CCP or S&W Shield 9mm for carrying purposes but am still happy with the PPX. I shot with it on my Carry Permit test last weekend and did very well. I had 42 of the 50 shots within an inch of dead center and some scattered about the outer ring that I rushed when the smoke got real bad in the range. It was also nice seeing all of the Glock shooters look at my target with envy and then look down at theirs and wonder why they looked like a map of the night sky. LOL!
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On second thought, it makes one wonder why Walther would try to corner a piece of the entry level handgun market?

There's a certain class of guns I refer to as entry level, and unless it's one's very first semi-auto pistol, most experienced gun owners/shooters will not even contemplate something such as a high point, for example.

The PPX is a good pistol, it's rugged, but in the end, I'd be willing to be that it's not making enough of a profit like, and/or it's hogging room that can be better utilized for a new(er) gun that will appeal to American shooters. (PPQ 45).

Still, I would love to add both calibers of the PPX to my collection at some point, but right now, my mcdouble budget says "no" to my big mac appetite.

Things always change, and one of these days I'll be able to add a PPX and a P99, as well as a 45 PPQ to the stable.

And I'll tell ya what...if it came down to waiting for a PPQ to get across the Atlantic, or a PPX in front of me in the flesh as it were, I'd be taking the PPX home. (I already have both current calibers of the PPQ).
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Shame it's being discontinued. I was thinking about selling mine to a close friend and upgrading to a P99 or PPQ. I love to shoot the PPX, but it just doesn't fit my needs anymore. Too big to carry for me and i'd rather practice with my shield. Might be a smart idea for current owners to grab some extra magazines.

It would be nice to see a similar trigger and erogs incorporated into whatever else walther is cooking up for the future.
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Is there any downside to picking up a Walther PPX now that's it discontinued??? It seems like a great value at $295 shipped from CDNN or whatnot... This is one of my first non revolvers so I didn't know if buying one meant that Walther would stop supporting repairs in case something fubared etc

I heard that the PPX mags were proprietary, which means that if I wanted this gun long term I'd need to snag a couple spares when the 2 that come with the gun wear out

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with a handle like wormraper, I'm not sure how to view the rest of the day's events...

And I think the sun will be a red dwarf before you'd find that pistol mags will be worn out, unless you fire 350 rounds per day.
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