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Smile Love my new Streamlight TLR-4 with Red Laser, and here is why...

Just purchased my Streamlight TLR-4 tactical light with red aiming laser. I absolutely love it! I purchased from Amazon for $123.45 + tax. Of course I went back and forth on the TLR-3 without laser and the TLR4 with laser. One thing was definite, the green laser for a little more then a Benjamin was out of the budget. I saw a reviewer claim he could not see the green laser when shooting outdoors during daylight. This is also true of the red.

Here is how I decided to get the laser. The price for the TLR-3 w/o laser was $78. If I bought that model, I would always wonder to myself if I should have spent the extra $45 and got the laser. I would always be "missing" the laser. And, after purchasing and shooting, I am glad I did!

The installation was pretty straightforward. I used rail key "E" for the picatinny rail on my 9mm PPX. I tried the others and none fit as well as Key E. It secures very tightly, no movement, no wiggle, the rocker switch is easily accessible. One problem, I either lost a small retaining clip called the e-clip or I didn't have one to begin with. After much confusion and review, it is meant to keep the assembly (rail key, keeper, spring, screw, etc) all in place for "quick disconnect / reconnect." It still works without the very tiny retaining clip, but I guess the assembly could be unscrewed too far causing the pieces to disassemble. Not a big deal, but I emailed Streamlight, informed them I was missing the clip, and I had a response the next morning promising the clip via USPS. A++++ for Customer Service.

Per the suggested instructions, I wrapped some black electrical tape around the bezel that hangs out past the muzzle of the gun. This to prevent lead deposits from discoloring the flashlight. One probably would not notice the tape if I didn't mention it. But one will certainly notice the discoloration over time.

At the outdoor range, I put my target up in the 7 yard bay. It was a bright, clear day with the sun slightly behind me. The range is outdoors, but has a few slats overhead and the shooting bay is covered, while the range is not. My target was bathed in sunlight from about the shoulders down. The head and neck were in somewhat of a shawdow. I loaded up some magazines with some factory reloads, 115gr, from Freedom Munitions, selected the 3 position silver switch to the left for laser only, pointed the gun at the target.... Nothing. No red laser dot visible on the center target. Then with some squinting and a steady hand, I could just barely make out the red dot. But barely. So I then pointed it at the head of my target. Bright red dot visible. OK, point number 1 confirmed: Not going to work on bright, sunlit targets. But fortunately the top of mine was in a shadow, I could see the dot perfectly, directly in the center of the head, so I started shooting.

First shot: Missed. Hmmm. must be still a bit shaky from the morning coffee. Second shot: Missed. Now I'm concerned. Now I moved my red aiming laser dot down the the target's neck, Third shot: dead center of the head. AH HA! I remember reading about parallel lines, muzzle to laser dimensions, y=mx+b, and all that jazz. Fourth shot with laser pointed at the larynx, bullet hit dead center of the cranium.

Here is why I like the laser: While shooting with the gun's sights, I have to close one eye. And I close my right eye. With the laser, I shoot both eyes open and subsequent follow up shots seem quicker. I also noticed that when shooting with the laser, I know immediately where the round struck the target. When shooting one eye closed with sights, I can't always say that.

Conclusion, this gun is for range use, learning, and home defense. In my opinion, each one of those uses got a bonus today with the TLR-4.

disclaimer: the targets shown in pictures were not those shot during this review.
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