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Originally Posted by bunk22 View Post
I can find Glocks, Sigs, etc with the same sort of damage...all cleared for +p and +p+.
In my humble opinion this gun manufacturers act irresponsibly when they clear for +p+.
When I take a look on the SAAMI specs there is written that the pressure is rated at 35000 psi at normal load and 38500 psi for +p loads.
+p+ is not specified there. So all loads above 38500 psi are +p+. Because there is no exact specification for +p+ how can they guarantee that their guns can withstand this pressures?

Additionally here in Europe we don't use SAAMI. Here we have C.I.P. (Commission Internationale Permanente) - the pressures are different to SAAMI specs. (9mm Luger is rated at 34080 psi). So ammo made in the U.S. will wear a gun more than European ammo - even at standard load. Of course Walther (and other manufacturers) tested their guns also at SAAMI specifications but nonetheless +p+ is dangerous - especially when it is used in european guns, because the pressure limits are more exceeded than in U.S. guns.
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Okay , it seems that S&W issues the same exact warning about using +p and +p+ ammunition in their M&P handguns. The point being that it's just a simple warning that +p ammo breaks a gun down quicker. It's worth noting but nothing to be overly concerned about if you choose +p ammo for self defense.
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It sounds like you do agree with using +P for self-defense, just not on any degree of regularity. But correct me if I'm wrong.

Although police departments that are still issuing 9mm generally use 124 gr +P, some still use 147 gr, and have had good results at stopping bad guys. From my research, I still think that 124 gr +P is the most reliable round for stopping power in the 9mm, if you consider both ballistic gel testing and reports from the street. There is no difference between a police shooting and a civilian shooting with the exception of barriers like cars / windows.

Do your own research, but I have come to the following conclusion:
1) Regulary shoot standard pressure FMJ.
2) Carry 124 gr +p (alternate is 147 gr standard pressure) after shooting at least 100 rounds to make sure it cycles in your gun without malfunctions. After 6 to 9 months on the shelf, I then shoot my carry ammo and replace it with newer stock. So I'm shooting +p at the rate of 50 to 100 rounds every 6 months. Sometimes, I just donate it to my 21 year old son, who thinks his Glock 19 is un-breakable .
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Most of your manufacturers advise against the use of +P+ ammunition. Most also warn of excessive wear possible with +P ammo but they don't say you can't use it. It's just a warning your gun might wear out sooner. Both PPX and PPQ manuals say the same thing. The write up on the first page of the threat saying that walther says you can't use +P ammo is not accurate.
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