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Desantis Superfly Product #: 341038 fit the PPQ M2 as well.
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4521pop .22
Paul from PJ Holsters has his PPS M2 and is making holsters using the firearms itself for molding. This should provide superior fit and finish. He's posted new pictures on his website. They look great. I've already ordered and looking forward to receiving mine soon.Check it out!
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With holsters like PJ's and Dara, are they comfortable on the skin? Live in Florida and don't wear under shirts and have had hybrid holsters with leather on the skin. Just bought a M2 and excited to shoot and wear it!
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Vaison .22
two clip vs. one?

I'm currently considering a PPS M2. During this time, I've read the posts of all the available holsters and it seems most are the single belt clip type. I've only been carrying for 3 years now, and I still use the two clip style with my current EDC. When I say two clip, I mean something similar to this, which has belt clips on each side of the gun.

MicroTuck IWB Hybrid Holster - Jet Black Cowhide

While I haven't had any issues with this style holster, I am intrigued by a smaller holster with a single clip. My concern is movement because it doesn't seem like it will have the same side support to keep it from leaning forward or backward. While I have a very sturdy gun belt, I often wear a regular dress belt for comfort. This type of belt isn't as sturdy, so I'd imagine there will be some give using a single clip. I could ultimately buy one of the holsters mentioned here for $30 and give it a whirl, but I'd really like to hear what you guys have to say beforehand. Thanks for your assistance.
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It looks like Comp Tac has the Mtac ready for the M2.
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Originally Posted by Yoxford View Post
IMO, and i have tried quite a few, for the money, comfort, & quality, nothing beats a Clinger Stingray. At least worth looking at. Have the PPS M2 and PPQ .45
I had picked up a DeSantis Insider holster (leather) at my LGS the night I got my PPS M2 and have only been using it a couple of days.

I just placed an order for a Clinger Stingray 15deg cant holster. Looking forward to test driving it right away.... It will be the only Stingray I will ever own, lol.
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I think you'll like the single clip variety. They go on and off so much easier than the big two clip hybrids that look like a weightlifting belt ( haha). So much more convenient. As far as your belt selection, if you need to wear a dress belt with your holster, look for a sturdy one that is 1.5" thick. I have several, although I still always use my carry belt from The Wilderness. If you order a PJ Holster, his belt clips are extremely snug, and will hang on to a 1.5" belt with little to no play in the rotation. You can order one from him, and return it within 30 days if you don't like it for any reason.
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Old 02-22-2016, 06:40 PM   #28
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Tucker Gunleather is getting their M2 mold in this week and will be in production soon. Lead time is 6-7 weeks. I have on order and will report in when it arrives.
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From what I've seen, it looks like the Stealthgear AIWB will be what I will run with when I get an M2. I like the vent core material for the heat and humidity down here.
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SHTF Gen2 IWB Holster

Modified for AIWB use and comfort. Adjusted to Zero degree cant and cut a portion of the bottom of the holster.
Trimmed top piece for more aggressive combat cut.
Ground out part of the leather that hits the slide lock for thinner carry.

Feels comfortable for all day use! Great product with amazing attention to detail. Highly recommended. Oh and the turnaround time was about a week for me. (Competitors are 3+ weeks). It arrived before my PPS M2!

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