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Will Beararms .22
First 9mm Carry Pistol: PPS M2

New here but not new to forums---started in 1999. Just ordered a PPS M2 after considering a P365 and the Glock 43. The 43 does not have the mass that I require for a carry pistol and I have not had good luck with Sigs since assemblly moved to the U.S. Additionally, I am a Tennifer (sp?) proponent and currently carry tennifer-based Glocks and HK's. I carry in Kydex and couldn't care less about the finish as long as the pistol goes bang and doesn't rust with normal care. I have always been a .40/.45 guy but in a sub-compact frame, 9mm is as large as I will go. As a big for caliber person, I will be carrying 147 Gr. JHP Subsonics. I am looking forward to taking delivery on this handgun. My only fear is I will want another Walther after this one.
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Baldie2u .22
I an afraid Waltheritis is very contagious!

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1942bull .22
Welcome aboard. like you I have a fondness for the PPS M2. it is fair to say it is my favorite semi ever. It is perfect for my need, my hand strength, and by budget. I am using the JHP part of the Winchester Train and Defend ammo for EDC. It offers consistent expansion out of a 3” barrel with 15 inches of penetration. Beats any other JHP including 147 gr HST standard and +P. Having the right gun is important and having the best round is too.

Check out this video.
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Old 06-27-2019, 02:46 AM   #4
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DukeIronHand .22
You picked one of the best. The PPS M2 has to be one of the most underrated guns ever.
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Jimmo952 .22

Welcome abroad. You made a good choice. The PPS is the best shooting polymer single stack 9mm out there.

I dont think the gun is so much underrated as it is ignored. The people who actually shoot it tend to like it.
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PPS1980 .22
Welcome aboard. You've ordered a fine pistol. Now, if you want the best that Walther has to offer today in carry pistols there is always the P99AS...... just sayin'.
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muckaleewarrior71 .22
Great choice. I've been carrying my PPS M2 exclusively since around Memorial Day. It's a great option to relieve my P99c which is normally my workhorse. I also have 147 grain JHPs (HSTs) in all my 9mms. Welcome aboard!
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