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Jonesy, I've had my PPS M2 9mm for a few yrs now. Started out carrying my PPQ M1 40 S&W as my everyday gun. Have switched to the PPS now for everyday carry. I carry it year round, summer, winter, whatever. In summer, I wear a tee shirt to keep the gun from rubbing my body when it's sweaty, etc. , wear a shirt outside my pants to cover the gun. I use a kydex holster OWB, from PJ Holsters ( $55 ). Fits like a glove, easily concealed. In winter, I wear a jacket to cover with. Open carry is legal in TN., but I prefer concealed.
I'm very comfortable with the PPS for PD. The PPQ now has bedside duty.
I don't believe your wife could rack the slide on the PPS either, it's like most semi autos.
Good luck with your search. Just my $.02.
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As for you, having multiple guns is a good idea in general, and multiple sizes is a necessity for most people who carry. And, they might as well be the same caliber- there's no inherent advantages to having more than one, and some definite disadvantages. A full size 9mm and a subcompact 9mm aren't redundant, they serve totally different purposes while sharing a caliber.

Your wife may be just fine sticking with revolvers if she can manage the trigger. There's nothing wrong with wheel guns for self defense, regardless of the endless frantic cries that they're obsolete. They're simple, reliable, and easy to operate if the trigger isn't an issue. As others have mentioned, you may also look into .380 autos that are on the larger end, like the mentioned S&W EZ and Browning 1911 .380, or a Beretta 84 or 85, or the .380 chambered Sig 250 if you can find one. There's also the Walther PK380, but its safety mechanism is complicated and less than ideal.
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I'm recently coming to understand what you are saying - and thanks for getting this back on track. Very recently got the first tools to start carrying my PPQ M2 9, a Big Foot belt and Aliengear holster. Carried this setup around the house when I got it all together and was impressed. Not nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. Being a largish guy I put on a large t-shirt to see what the print would be for both IWB and OWB. Not as bad as I thought (IWB was obviously better), but still left me thinking the PPS would really disappear.

BTW, she couldn't rack the PPS slide when we tried it at the store. But hopefully links provided earlier in this thread will train her out of that.


Starting to fully understand the non-redundancy of multiple size guns in the same caliber. Thanks.

All, Thanks for the input. Next priority after the wife's HD solution will be my next carry. That decision is getting more complicated than I originally thought unfortunately (the more I read on this board the more I learn, and sometimes it leads to more concern - that's for another thread).
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Everyone is different. I have 3 sizes I carry. For instance. Glock 19 or 26 for winter. Pps m2 for summer. Ruger lcp for gym shorts. In addition. The holster you choose can make a world of difference in any of the situations above. And the holster will fit me differently than it would you. Also. My wife carries and can rack a few pistols but with difficulty. She now purse carries a smith 380 ez. And loves it.
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Think of it this way. I can’t tell you which pair of jeans would fit you best. You just know you want a pair of jeans. We can all tell you what quality jeans to buy are out there. But you really have to try them on to know what fits you. And all gun people will let you shoot and try on their holster at the gun range cause they have been through the same questions in the beginning. Golf clubs are another good example. You just got to swing them to know. To be honest. The journey is kinda fun. For example. I have a Glock 43 that I like. And a pps m2 that I love. I purchased a badger holster for the Walther and it rides excellent. The badger holster is about $35 bucks. So for my Glock I wanted a vedders holster which is about 55 and gets excellent reviews. However it pinched me to death when I sat down. So the vedders just didn’t fit me. Purchased a badger holster and the Glock fits great. Vedders is a great holster. It just doesn’t fit me.
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"The journey is kinda fun"....love that.

I completely appreciate everything you said.

The first thing a good friend of mine said when I told him I was looking for a holster for my new PPQ was, "get a box".

"Why", I said.

To put all the holsters you're going to go through in.

'nough said I guess.
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Originally Posted by jonesy09 View Post

We then thought a compact 9 might be the trick for her. Went and handled serveral; Shield, XDE, PPS m2, Kahr, Taurus......etc....

Turns out she can't rack a semi-auto. Period. Tried different methods and different guns. She can't do it. Not a reflection on her. She is a tough woman and earned expert on the M16 at Fort McClellan. Must just be a body mechanics issue with her size.
Did you try a Walther CCP M2?

The gun was designed to use a lighter recoil spring to make racking the slide easier, according to this review - https://www.range365.com/gun-review-walther-ccp/ -

"Walther applied its new SOFTCOIL technology to this pistol. A small port at the bottom of the rear of the barrel takes some of the gas pressure after each round is fired and diverts it into the gas cylinder below. This gas then acts on a piston, which moves to slow down the slide in recoil. Why is this important? It means the recoil spring doesn't have to be as strong as one in a standard 9mm semi-auto pistol, so it takes less effort to rack back the slide, making it easier for people with smaller and/or weaker hands to operate the gun."
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Having 2 Walther 9mm. Is a good thing. I carry my p99 when wearing a jacket or windshirt and my pps gen.1 when wearing a shirt in a inside waistband holster
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For what it’s worth, I just sold my PPS M2 because I still feel the P99c is superior in every way. At 6’1” and 216lbs having Large size hands the narrowness of the PPS M2 grip annoyed me and made accuracy more difficult. My P99c is only 0.25” wider, much more accurate, and holds minimum 12 rounds. The PPS M2 is a great fun for some but didn’t work out for me or my 4’11” wife

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I have a similar problem. My wife does not like the hard to operate slide. Her solution was the M&P 380. Very easy to operate.
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